Upload-earn.com Review! Is Legit or Scam?

Upload-earn.com Review

Upload-earn.com ReviewWhile browsing BMF, I came across a new thread about Upload-earn.com website. Being into online money making and well understand that paid to upload indeed works when connected to a legit site, I automatically visited the link and joined instantly. A few months later, I am here and sharing this review with you so you get to know more on this site.

If you are like me – I mean “being in love with paid to download make money kind of”, I know you will likely love to read since this review will help you learn something may be you hadn’t known about Upload-earn.com. Without wasting time, let me head straight away to the full review.

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Website name: Upload-earn.com
Domain registration date: 2018-10-23
Earning options: Paid to download, Sell files and Refer
Payment processors: PayPal, Payeer, Paysera, Vodafone cash and Algerie poste
Legit or Scam: Read full review to find out

What is Upload-earn.com?

Unlike other file storage providers which won’t pay you when your uploaded file is downloaded, Upload-earn.com is different. They allow people to join by creating free accounts, upload anything of choice including files, photos, videos and documents, save them for life, and earn money for every download.

How it works?

Upload-earn.com, you begin by creating a free account, upload anything of choice including files, photos, videos and documents, save them for life, and earn money for every download. Once you have uploaded your files, you can share their download link with your friends and etc including on social networking sites e.g Facebook so they are exposed. And the more they are downloaded, the more you earn.

How do you upload files on Upload-earn.com?



  • File upload in dashboard
  • Remote upload your files

This site offers a number of ways to upload your files onto the storage. You can do it using either of the above. Either option you chose, at least you know your files will be uploaded.

How much can you make uploading files?

The amount of money you can make is largely determined by many factors for example how much you are selling the file you uploaded. Those who are selling uploaded files earn more than those who simply depend on uploading and earning from downloads and also referring.

How do you get paid from Upload-earn.com?

Upload-earn.com payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Payeer
  • Paysera
  • Vodafone cash
  • Algerie poste

Members are paid using their payment processing option of their choice. For example me, I chose to get paid via PayPal since I find it more convenient. For payment proof, check out the site.

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Is Upload-earn.com legit or Scam?

Not sure yet since I just created an account on this website and busy uploading and sharing my files. Once I make it to payout, I will get back here and share with you whether its legit and worth spending time on or another scam like many out there. However, some members  share having their files deleted without a genuine reason. Until then , keep watching here for an update.

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