How To Get A License Of Exports From Uganda

You can get a License of exports from Uganda once you apply for it. Depending on the type of products you wish to export out of the country for example industrial or agricultural products, you must follow the right procedures put in place by the issuing body for example Uganda Coffee Development Authority for Coffee... Continue Reading →

How To Change Paid TV Decoder Into FTA?

You can change paid TV decoder into FTA and enjoy your favorite channels and unlimited streaming using a number of ways. Paid decoders requires one to subscribe to a bouquet of choice in order to watch selected television channels for as long as the subscription is still valid. On the other hand, FTA or call... Continue Reading →

USB Type C Vs Micro USB, Which Is Better?

Telling which one is better between USB Type C and Micro USB is something which can be determined by thoroughly looking at the differences in terms of functions, specifications and the physical appearance of each of the two. And yes, this way can help one understand what the exact difference between USB Type C and... Continue Reading →

How To Renew A Driving Permit in Uganda

You can renew a driving permit in Uganda by submitting in all required document at Face Technologies Kyambogo office or any other branches countrywide. Please take note that your renewal of driving permit will not be effected or processed unless you show proof payment of the required monies depending on the license extension period e.g... Continue Reading →

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