Is Your Work-Related Back Pain Worth a Personal Injury Lawsuit?


When you become injured at work due to an accident or fall, deciding on whether a personal injury lawyer is needed depends on several factors. It will depend on the amount of time lost from work due to your back injury and medical expenses.

When the injury was caused by negligence on your employers’ part, or workers’ compensation does not cover expenses, legal help is a good choice. You should have a workman’s compensation insurance or a personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Reason You May Need Workmen’s Compensation or a Personal Injury Lawyer

You may need a lawyer when your employer and insurance company deny the injury occurred at work. When you report the injury, and your company does not provide the proper paperwork and information for you to file your claim, you need legal help. When you suffer an injury that prevents you from returning to work for a long time or not at all. If your doctor recommends specific treatment, and your insurance company will not pay for it, think about legal help.

Other reasons are when your settlement does not cover lost wages, bills, and dependents. A lawyer can help with both disability if needed and workman’s compensation. When you are fired or pressured to return to work too soon, a lawyer can defend you against your employer. These are reasons to consider a lawyer. Back pain accounts for 264 million workdays lost in one year and that equals two days a week for fulltime workers.

Reasons Not To Use a Lawyer

When you are not seriously injured and lose little time from working. Your workman’s comp covers your time lost and medical expenses. Your health insurance covers the cost of the treatment your doctor recommends. Legal help is not often needed in these cases. When you have a spouse or partner that can help with the cost of the injury and support the family without a struggle, there is no need for a lawyer. Less serious injuries, if minor, will heal themselves.

What Legal Assistance Can Do For You

On average, there are 40,000 occupational injuries reported to the Kanas Division of Workers Compensation annually. This means that many workers get injured every year. A lawyer can help you with past and future medical bills for an injury that is serious and may have been aggravated by an old injury. Long-term injuries may need physical therapy, diagnostic tests, specialized equipment, and sometimes surgery not covered by workmen’s comp and insurance.

They can help you get compensation for lost wages from your injury that will affect your lifestyle and family. If your injury was caused by unsafe working conditions or equipment, you may be able to get money for negligence in some cases. In other cases, your back injuries will cause you additional expense that you did not expect. Your attorney may be able to help you with getting what you need to pay bills, maintain your expenses, and return to work.

A lawyer can help you with paperwork and help you wade through the legal issues and laws surrounding work injuries. In cases where your employer challenges your case, workman compensation cases do not make a decision until a judge decides. Your attorney can present your case in the best possible light to give you a chance to win. They can help you with insurance issues that often are essential in your case. A survey by Statista showed that 29% of consumers with back problems believed stress caused it, 26% blamed a lack of exercise, and 26% blamed physical work.

Contact Your Local Workman’s Comp Lawyer or Personal Injury Lawyer For Help With Your Case

When you need help with work related back injuries with medical bills, workmen’s compensation, and compensation, call your local workmen’s compensation lawyer or personal injury attorney to find out how they can help you.

Overall, if you ever find yourself injured at work, remember this important information to help you decide if you need a lawyer. If you don’t know where to find a lawyer, you can simply search online.