How To Transfer Motor Vehicle Ownership Change in Uganda

Transfer forms for motor vehicle

Transfer forms for motor vehicleYou can transfer motor vehicle ownership change in Uganda by submitting in a duly filled and signed MV-7001 form (Motor vehicle application form), copies of identification for both the Transferer and Transferee and copy of original vehicle logbook to URA license section (HSO) in Nakawa. Once the application has been received at any of the counters and bar-coded, the approving officer will approve the application there by completing the process.

Requirements for Motor Vehicle Transfer

Uganda Revenue Authority has a set of requirements for anyone who is interested in changing of his or her or their Motor Vehicle ownership. All of the requirements must be fulfilled in order for the transfer to be approved and apply also to motorcycles, engineering plants, trailers, etc. Below are the requirements for both individuals and non-individuals (companies, organisations and etc).

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Individual requirements

  • Duly filled and signed MV-7001 form
  • Copies of valid identification e.g National ID, Driving Permit, etc
  • Copy of original logbook

Non-Individual requirements

  • Duly filled, signed and stamped MV-7001 form
  • Covering letter duly signed and stamped
  • Company / NGO Certificate of Registration (Incorporation)
  • Copy of original logbook
  • Sales agreement with stamp duty bar-code

Note: Depending on who is transferring from and to, you have the option to check all what applies in the documents to submit. Not all are mandatory unless they are available for example the sales agreement, donation letter and etc. You should select only those which apply depending on whether you are an individual or a non-individual.

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How to generate Motor vehicle transfer application form

You can generate the motor vehicle, motorcycle, engineering plant, trailer, etc change of ownership application form by logging into your URA TIN Number. Follow the below steps to get ready car ownership change forms.

  • Visit URA Web portal
  • Log into your TIN Number
  • Hover on “Motor Vehicle”
  • Click “Applications”
  • Select “New Form”
  • Select “Change of Ownership”

Enter “Motor vehicle registration number”, and continue filling in the entire form by hitting next. Once you reach “documents to submit”, select all which apply as seen in requirements above. On next page, click Register a payment and wait for transfer fees to auto populate. Select your preferred bank of payment and form and hit submit. Agree to submission prompt of 10 days and print all forms on the next page.

Note: You are now ready to sign, stamp, pay “Motor vehicle transfer fees” to the bank you selected, attach everything as seen in requirements above and submit your car change of ownership application form to Nakawa HSO – Headquarter service office.

Who is allowed to transfer a Motor vehicle in Uganda?

You can only perform a transfer of a Motor vehicle in Uganda if you are the its legal owner and or through Court. According to Uganda Revenue authority, the legal owner is that person or entity who appears in the registration logbook of the vehicle both in the OLD logbook type, and or in the New paper logbook type.The procedures we saw above can only be followed by those whose cars are in the New URA system or in other words having the new paper kind of logbooks. For old logbook types, see below on how to go about them.

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How to Transfer a Motor Vehicle In the OLD Logbook

In order to transfer such vehicles with the old booklet type of registration logbooks, one should undergo a process which is known as “Motor vehicle” validation. Validation is the transition of your logbook from the old booklet logbook to the new paper logbook which was introduced by URA  some years back.

The validation process must strictly be done by the legal owner of the said car unless one has undergone and completed the process of absentee transfer. Below is how to perform a “Motor vehicle” validation in Uganda.

How to perform Motor Vehicle Validation

  • Visit URA Web portal
  • Log into your TIN Number
  • Hover on “Motor Vehicle”
  • Click “Add Vehicle Details”
  • Select “New Form”
  • Fill all form and submit.

Note: In put everything about the vehicle, tractor, motorcycle and etc including make, model, country of origin, engine number, chassis number, power capacity (cc), gross weight, net weight, size of tires, color, number of tires, tax category, number of axles, seating capacity, endorsement and all others including first registration date, registration number, number plate type e.g Ordinary, diplomatic, government, duty free and etc.

You will be issued with the MVR acknowledgment number for tracking purposes and until your application is approved and or rejected with a reason which you should first correct and resubmit. Once approved, your car will be issued with a new logbook which you can collect from any URA office near you or print it from your TIN. You can now perform the transfer.

How to do Absentee motor vehicle transfer

Performing a motor vehicle transfer via Uganda Courts is a process which is known as an Absentee transfer. Certain conditions apply when you chose the Court ownership change option and one should fulfill all requirements in order to process of changing ownership.

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Requirements for Absentee motor vehicle transfer

  • Newspaper advert for call of transfer and or lost logbook
  • Police report in case of lost logbook
  • Original vehicle logbook
  • Search and certification report for lost logbook
  • Inspection report
  • Court Affidavit
  • Court Order
  • Physical identification
  • Transfer fees payment
  • Inspection fees payment
  • Duplicate logbook payment for lost logbooks
  • Alteration affidavit, form and fees payment in case of altered particulars

The Absentee transfer process kicks off once you have all of the above and which you are required to submit to Nakawa Licensing office (HSO). Your application will be acknowledge and the licensing officer will let you know when you will check back. The time it takes varies depending on when your documents are certified from the court. Usually, it can be between two months plus.

Note: Once your absentee transfer has been approved, you will be given back the vehicle logbook and required to perform a validation. Validation is done as you can see above and should take a few days for your transition application to be approved.

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URA Motor vehicle transfer fees

  • Cars and other dual purpose vehicles​ – UGX 84,000/=​
  • Motor cycles​ – UGX 74,000​/=
  • Commercial vehicles,trailers,tractors or engineering plants​ – UGX 104,000​

Note: All of the above fees are automatically generated once you click on register a payment during the application process. It is only during the absentee transfer process that the licensing officer will make the assessment for you.

Winding up

The process of changing a tractor, car, engineering plant, lorry, taxi, bus, trailer and other commercial and non-commercial vehicle ownership in Uganda is very easy. The process only requires one to perform all required steps and also submit all required documents in order for it to be approved. You can too do it yourself just like I tried it and succeeded.

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