How Much Is The Cost Of Postage Stamp 2020?

how much is a postage stamp now

how much is a postage stamp nowOnce again, there have been an increase in the cost of postage stamp 2020. If you have been used to the previous 2019 rates, it’s time to checkout these new rates and see the additional costs you will likely incurr everytime you want to send a package, mail and etc.

The USPS annonced the new rates which will be effective come Sunday, January 26, 2020. The rates are determined by different factors including but not limited to weight, shape, mail class and etc inclusive of the destination e.g domestic or international. If you don’t have a mailing address, see how to get one.

USPS postage rates 2020

Figure 1:

USPS Mail Class Rates
First Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) – Retail/Post Office Rate* $0.55
First Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) – Metered Mail/ Rate $0.50
First Class Mail Letter – each additional ounce $0.15
Postcard $0.35
First Class Mail Flat (1 oz.) $1.00
First Class Mail Flat – each additional ounce $0.15
First Class Mail International Letter $1.15
Priority Mail Express (0.5 lb., zones 1&2) $22.68 and up
Priority Mail (1 lb., zones 1&2) $6.95 and up
First Class Package Service (1-6 oz.) $2.66 and up
Parcel Select Ground (1 lb., zones 1&2) $6.85 and up
Retail Ground (1 lb., zones 1&2) – Retail/Post Office Rate*
Formerly Parcel Post and Standard Post
$7.35 and up

Figure 2:

USPS Mail Class Rates
Media Mail (1 lb., zones 1&2) $2.75
Priority Mail Express International (0.5 lb., zone 1) $42.00 and up
Priority Mail International (1 lb.) – Canada $32.59 and up
Priority Mail International (1 lb.) – Other Countries $39.71 and up
First Class Package International Service (1 oz., Group 1) $16.39 and up

Figure 3:

USPS Special Service Postage
Certificate of Mailing $1.45
Certified Mail $3.50
Collect on Delivery (COD) $7.75 and up
Electronic USPS Tracking:
Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, Parcel Select Ground, First Class Package Service & Media Mail
Notice of Non-Delivery No longer available
Registered Mailing $12.40 and up
Restricted Delivery $5.20
Return Receipt (Electronic) $1.60
Return Receipt $2.80
Return Receipt for Merchandise $4.30
Signature Confirmation $3.05
Adult Signature Confirmation $6.40
Package Intercept $14.10 Insurance $2.20 and up

The new cost of postage stamp 2020 will be effective Sunday, January 26, 2020. You can plan ahead when it comes to buying and sending your mails. The above information should help you answer the common questions about stamp costs, USPS rates, how much and etc. Always refer to USPS website for additional information.


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