How Can I Find Cheap Sports Second-Hand Bicycles For Sale In Uganda?

second-hand bicycles for sale in uganda

second hand bicycles for sale in ugandaThe recent COVID 19 lockdown made me learn how owning items like second-hand bicycles was important in life. In fact, those who owned sports bicycles, tuk-tuks, scooters, and motorcycles were far better than those who owned motor vehicles since those were the only sticker free allowed modes of transport throughout the lockdown.

Having taken note of this, I have decided to start the hunt so I can be in a position to buy at least a used bicycle. Therefore, my question is, how can I find a cheap sports second-hand bicycle for sale in Uganda? Also, where can I find them? Thank you so much. Bill!

Re: How can I find cheap sports second-hand bicycles for sale in Uganda?

COVID 19 is a lesson to learn for all people worldwide. Personally, I never thought of a time when motor vehicles would be allowed on the road with permission, and or, with a ministry sticker depending on the kind of work. But now, me and hopeful all others learned a big lesson, whereby your decision to find a cheap second-hand sports bicycle to buy is exactly what many people are in for.

In Uganda more especially around Kampala, there are lots of sports bicycle sales centers and stored where you can buy a used one. Also, there are very many individual owners who are ready to sell at all times, just like the many online stores like Jumia has such items listed on sale. Take a look below and see how and where you can find a used bicycle to buy at the best price.

Where to find cheap sports second-hand bicycles for sale in Uganda

Online shopping sites

If you never knew, Uganda has lots of “US’ Amazon stores” where you can buy almost everything online. On sites like Kilimall, Jumia, Bazebo, etc, you will be able to find sports bicycles listed for sale at the cheapest prices. The good thing is that many of these stores have apps that can be installed on smartphones thereby allowing you to access the market anywhere, and everywhere, for example, download the JUMIA app on Google play.

Bicycle sales centers and shops

When you visit Katwe, Kibuye, Ndeeba, City center, and surrounding parts of Kampala including in all districts which make Uganda, you will be able to see a number of shops selling sports bicycles. Depending on your bargain, you will be able to choose between used and brand new bikes thereby finding your target.

Individual sellers

Think of your neighbor who owns cars and only bought a mountain bike during the transport crisis. Or, that person who badly needs ends meet and ready to sell off his bicycle to cater to his family. While it is not easy this way, knowing one who is selling instantly allows you to buy one.

Just like Kampala is full of very many Boda Boda’s, there are also lots of mountain bikes, “manyi gakifuba gaali’s” and etc which you can take advantage of and add onto your transport types. Besides, they are also good for exercising.

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