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Xtraffic.plus Reviews! Is Legit or Scam?

Xtraffic+ reviewsThis is a review of xtraffic plus, a website which claims to help businesses grow by growing their web traffic thus increasing their online presence. If you are wondering whether this site is legitimate and indeed can improve your web traffic automatically, or it being another scam site not worth to waste your valuable time on, keep reading.

Website name: xtraffic.plus
Domain registration date: 2019-05-17
Traffic boost ways: Auto analyse, auto create articles, auto publish posts
Legit or Scam: Read full review to find out

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What is xtraffic.plus?

This is a website traffic generation site which claims to be a cloud based. They claim to do everything automatically right from analyzing the submitted website, generating a large number of articles basing on mined valuable keywords and automatically publishing those articles to their large number of websites with an aim of boosting overall traffic.

How xtraffic.plus works

Xtraffic plus price plansXtraffic+ works in such a way that the potential client visits their website, navigates through the different plans available and comparing their pricing. Once a choice is made, you make an order, make a payment via their available payment options including PayPal, Credit Card, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money (PM), WebMoney (WMZ), Western Union or AliPay.

Your order is confirmed and you are ready to start waiting for traffic boosting which is claimed to be from over 60+ countries for the Light and Standard Plans.

Is xtraffic.plus Legit or scam?

Xtraffic_plus_traffic_statcounterWhile I can not reach final conclusion as of now, what I know is that Xtraffic+ seems to have a bad habit which makes me think they are likely scam. Having not ordered any of their traffic or even known them before, I saw some weird traffic from a website which I didn’t even know about.

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Following the referral link from my Stat-counter stats, the link kept on redirecting automatically until it made me land on Xtraffic+ website. This makes me wonder if all orders get such kind of traffic. And if yes, then the traffic they offer is kind of forceful since the visitor is simply redirected out of will.

Anyways, I am still watching over this and how they work and will share back my final findings and conclusion on whether is scam or legit. Until then, stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Xtraffic.plus Reviews! Is Legit or Scam?”

  1. Xtraffic.plus is a scam and a fraudulent site. Their spam log appears every day on my site with links to totally fictitious addresses that redirect you to Xtraffic.plus. All logs are from Chinese IP, but the server is on Ukrainian IP address.


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