Where Can I Get Boda Boda Loan In Uganda?

Boda Boda Loan

Boda Boda LoanHaving heard how many boost earning more through Boda Boda business, I have made up my mind to join this lucrative motorcycle business. However, having no starting capital, I was thinking of a way to secure a boda in the form of a loan. Where and how can I get a Boda Boda loan in Uganda? Thank you – Murshid.

Re: Where can I get Boda Boda loans in Uganda?

Murshid, the idea of joining the boda boda business in Uganda is a wise one. Yes, very many people have made and are continuing to make some good money either as motorcycle taxi drivers, and or owning them and receiving daily payments from the riders. In Uganda, the boda boda business has been existing for a good number of years, where many people have seen themselves becoming rich through buying, or through loans aka Banja.

With a high number of companies offering boda boda loans in Uganda, securing a motorcycle loan has continued to become easy with affordable terms. Right from banks to individual lenders, you are able to secure yourself a motorcycle loan, something which can help you make easy money in this transportation sector. With customers available, there is no loss since at least, you are able to make good money to pay off your loan, and also to help you continue living.

If you want to secure a boda boda loan in Uganda, you can try out some of the below providers.

  • Tugende boda boda loan
  • Safeboda motorcycle loan
  • Faulu boa loan
  • KCB bank motorcycle loan
  • Easy boda loan
  • Lots of others

Like you can see above, each has its own set of requirements, terms, and qualifications. Others will require you to pay half of the agreed boda boda cost, others will require partial payment of at least 1,000,000/=, while others may require you to have been working with them, for example, safe boda.

In reality, where and how to get a boda loan in Uganda largely depends on a number of factors as determined by the loaning provider. For example, you must be a rider with safeboda in order to get a loan from them, you must have or be willing to obtain a driving permit as a pre-requirement in Tugende, etc. From a bank, you must at least have an account with them and at least have been saving something, etc.


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