Whatsapp 2 New Upcoming Features LEAKED! You’ll Love Them

Whatsapp beta versionWhatsapp is one of popular social networking applications with thousands of users worldwide. Supported on both Android, iOS and Window’s devices, it definitely makes sense if I call it the best multi device support app.

According to Express.co.uk’s post, 2 new Whatsapp upcoming features are expected to be released soon in hope of adding functionality to the current Whatsapp app. These leaked features include “new QR code” and the “add to Facebook Story”.

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Details of these Whatapp 2 New leaked features

Add to Facebook story

The new QR code feature allows users to share their contact information more easily by way of activating the system and have users scan and access shared contact information. Best of all, one can revoke access.

On the other hand, the add to Facebook Story feature allows fans to share shared images or video statuses to Facebook. This can give more exposure to shared items thus boosting overall viewership.

The new features are available in the Whatsapp 2.19.151 beta version according to Express’s post.

What does this mean?

QR Scan

Different Whatsapp users are likely to view these differently. So far, a lot have shared their views as you can seen in quotation below.

One said: “Facebook, but why?”

Another wrote: “do not do that.”

A third user noted: “That means this the first step to integrate WhatsApp Facebook and Instagram as reported earlier in some news.”

In response, a WhatsApp user declared: “If it happens, I wont use it anymore.”

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As we wait for going public of the new features as leaked, lets keep watching space and see what next will be..

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