What Will Your Lawyer Do After a Car Crash?


If you’ve been in a car crash and have hired a lawyer (which you absolutely should have) you are likely wondering what steps your lawyer will take, and how the process works. Personal injury law can vary from state to state. For example, in Texas, you only have two years to file a personal injury claim. Your lawyer will work within the personal injury law in your state to protect your rights. Here is what happens next.

Information Gathering

Right after you hire your personal injury lawyer, they will spend some time gathering information. They will evaluate witness statements, view any video footage of the accident, and ask you to recount the accident. Personal injury law is supposed to protect your rights, but insurance companies will often bring up questions about those rights by trying to prove neglect or fault.

The evidence-gathering stage is critical to the outcome of your case. It is important that your lawyer can paint a clear picture of what occurred. During this stage, they will also collect medical information from you relevant to the car crash. You may have to sign limited medical release forms so that your lawyer can get your medical records about the crash.

All the actions taken in the early stages of the case will be focused on building support for your claim. It is important that your lawyer can gather evidence in support of your claim. There are about 5 million car crashes in the U.S. each year, about 16,500 dealerships that are franchised sold over 17.22 million vehicles in 2018 alone, according to the UAW. That means there are a lot of personal injury claims circulating at any given time. Making sure all your ducks are in a row and your lawyer can support your claim is essential.

The Claim and Notices

The lawyer will send out notices to the insurance company to let them know that you are represented. Once the insurance companies are notified, they have to go through the lawyer to get to you. They will manage your claim and anything that comes up during the claim process.

According to the law in most states, any conversation between the injured party and the insurance adjuster must be recorded. It can be nerve-racking to have to speak to an insurance adjuster and know that you are being recorded. Luckily, if you have a lawyer, they will prepare you for the conversation. Videoed conversations or audio-recorded conversations can be used against you in court.

A Pew Research Center report showed that about 50% of police officers believe those body cameras would likely make officers more conscious of their actions and encourage appropriate behavior. Unfortunately, for the average person, knowing you are being recorded can cause you to stress out and stumble over words. Those words can be used against you. Your lawyer can help you to prepare for the meeting.

They Will Fight For Your Rights

The law is clear about what you are entitled to after a car crash. You can be compensated for lost wages, your medical care should be covered, and you can get compensation for other costs. However, while the law is clear, if you do not have experience with the law and understand what your rights are, you will probably miss out on some compensation. A lawyer from the moment you hire them will focus on ensuring that you do not miss out on any compensation.

They will fight to ensure that you get the medical care that you deserve. They will dispute false claims by the insurance company. They will take every step with you through the process and work toward getting you the best outcome possible.

You do not want to take the journey alone after a car crash. Hire a personal injury lawyer that is committed to making this time easier for you and your family, and that is an expert in personal injury law. Hire a trusted lawyer today to get the best outcome possible after a car crash.