What Is The Cost Of Boda Boda In Uganda?

Cost Of Boda BodaAdmin, how much is the cost of a Boda Boda? Having read much about this profitable business opportunity, and my wife agreed to try out our luck by investing in this motorcycle venture so we see if we can make it. And since we have never been in this business before, we are kindly asking for your help with regard to the cost and where to buy from. Thank you – Herbert & Rose!

Re: What is the cost of Boda Boda in Uganda?

As far as I know, starting a business of your own is one of the ways which can help in lifting you up. And yes, the Boda Boda industry is one of the lucrative startups which requires very not so much to get started. Once you have made up your mind, just like you seem to have both of you agreed, you are ready to go.

The cost of a Boda Boda in Uganda varies and is largely determined by a number of factors. Right from the motorcycle model, the make, year of manufacture (call it used or brand new), the condition of buying (cash, partial payment or loaning), and where you are buying from are a few which can determine how much you will be paying.

Investing in a used Bajaj Boxer, for example, might attract a cost of anywhere between 1,000,000/= to 3,000,000/=, while buying a new one might cost you anywhere from 4 million to 5+ million cash. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a new or used TVS start HLX 125, it can cost you anywhere between 2,000,000 to 3.5 million respectively, when paying in cash.

However, going for a loan from the different providers might make cost you much more than when paying for cash. Jimmy (not real name) for example shared with me how he agreed to pay up to 5,500,000/= for a brand new TVS Star motorcycle on a loan, a cost which is far when compared to when you pay cash. Bes

Besides finding yourself a cheap bodaboda for sale, not knowing how you want to pay, the type of motorcycle, the manufacture and etc information means not being able to tell you exactly the cost of a Boda Boda in Uganda. My advice would be you to share with me much more than the above so we can see how to get started.

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