Review! Simply Time Wasting ReviewAlright – This is my story as a Virily member. It’s been 2 years and some months ever since I joined this site, one I was recommended by a friend on Forumcoin. Before joining, I had read some positive reviews of how people were making good money off the site, something which pushed me join.

Until today, I have never cashed out my earnings however much I have tried to participate in activities and tasks, which are claimed to boost earnings. If you are looking to earn some extra cash online, I don’t think that Virily is a good recommendation. I have tried it, and all I can share is that your valuable time will be wasted for nothing.

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I am not saying that is scam, no, it is a legitimate site but, fit for those who are ready to spend all their time on the site viewing other members postings, and posting their own virils. For all the time I have spent on this website, I have a user balance of 3609 Virils. If you can divide that by two years, you can get to know how much I seem to earn on a daily basis.

In fact, there is a time when I earned very many virils and was amazed to see them as low as this. This made me loose my working morale and ended up giving up, though had my account remain intact, just in case the site upgrades to allow members earn.

Honestly, wasting my time doing tasks required to earn on that site, I rather spend that valuable time doing something else even if it is not a paid one. I have calculated the data I have been using to earn that less and saw how I ran into a big un recoverable loss.

Yes, it is not a get rich scheme but atleast, they would rewrad incentives which are enough to cater for the associated spendings e.g enough to pay for internet, time and etc. If you are ready to waste your time, headover to the site and join.

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