UploadRive.Com Review! Is Legit or Scam?

UploadRive.Com Review

UploadRive.Com Review Ever heard of UploadRive? If you haven’t yet already, I am reviewing it right here. If you are into making money online, UploadRive.com is another paid to download files option you might consider want to know more about. Additionally, here in you will get to know whether it is legit or scam and finally make a choice to join or not.

UploadRive.com is now 1 month old  with some few additional days, that is whois data. The site was registered on 2019-06-13 with its ownership details protected fro the public. Having been online for now a month, it is the right time to review it so many can get to know its how it works, earning and payment options available and whether you ought to spend your valuable time uploading and sharing, and or just to upload without earning.

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What is UploadRive.com?

Like other online file storage and remote backup providers, UploadRive is a file hosting service which allows anyone willing to upload sites including but not limited to images, videos, audio and flash in the same place. Also, each time your uploaded files are downloaded, you earn cash depending on the tier profile rates.

How it works?

On this free cloud storage provider, you first of all need an account if you want to benefit from earning each time your uploaded files are downloaded. Creating an account is free and takes a few seconds toe done. Once your account is created, you can now find interesting files to upload and share their download link with your friends and etc including on social networking sites e.g Facebook. The more files you upload with higher exposure, the more your chances of earning higher since the more your files are exposed, the more they are downloaded and thus earning.

How do you upload files on UploadRive.com?

Uploading files to UploadRive

  • File upload in dashboard
  • Remote upload your files
  • Copy files

UploadRive.com offers a number of ways to upload your files onto the storage. You can do it using either of the above. Either option you chose, at least you know your files will be uploaded.

How much can you make uploading files?

UploadRive.com earnings per 1000 downloadsThe amount of money you can make is largely determined by the tier profile among other factors. If for example the person downloading the file is located in tier one countries, you earn up to $7 per 1000 downloads as opposed to when one is located in tier 4 where you earn $1 for the same and get paid when you reach minimum payout via the available payment options.

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Is UploadRive.com legit or Scam?

Not sure yet since I just created an account on this website and busy uploading and sharing my files. Once I make it to payout, I will get back here and share with you whether its legit and worth spending time on or another scam like many out there. However, some members  share having their files deleted without a genuine reason. Until then , keep watching here for an update.

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