Uganda Driving Permit Classes

Class B driving permit Uganda

There are different driving permit classes in Uganda. Each class is assigned and locked to particular motor vehicles in that for one to drive a particular automotive, he or she has to have obtained that class of permit as by Uganda road and traffic laws.

Each of the different classes can be obtained after one fully satisfied and met all the requirements to obtain a particular class, one should go on and process the class.

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Classes of driving permit in Uganda

  • A (Motocycles)
  • B (Cars not more than 7 passengers or 3.5 tonnage)
  • CM (7 Tonnage Trucks)
  • CH (Heavy goods trucks)
  • DL (Not more than 14 passengers)
  • DM (Coasters)
  • DH (Buses)
  • E (Extra pullers)
  • F (Pedestrian controlled vehicles)
  • G (Lifters)
  • H (Tractors)
  • I (Boats)

Note: Obtaining any of the above classes has its own pre-requirements. You should know the requirements of the class of permit you are applying for in order to ensure you have all it takes.

Things to consider to extend a driving permit

In Uganda, there are certain requirements which one must meet in order to obtain a class of a driving permit. Those requirements are include but not limited to;


One must be aged 18 years plus to get a license in Uganda. Other classes like CM require one to be aged 25 years plus in order to qualify. Always refer to the traffic rules and guidelines.

Associated fees

Certain fees which are paid in the bank and some at Face technologies apply. For example, you are supposed to clear all associated fees and show proof of payment in order to process a class.

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UCDP 1 Form

This form is required to be attached on every document during the permit process be class or renewal or extension or conversion and etc. You must always attach it. Best of all, this can be downloaded off the URA web portal.

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