The Best 3 Part Time Jobs In Uganda

Best part time jobs in Uganda

Best part time jobs in UgandaHere are the best 3 part time jobs in Uganda. If you have been wondering the kind of jobs you can work besides your full time job, this post uncovers those part time jobs your friends have been using to take that step forward thus leaving you behind.

Like they say, sharing is caring, and indeed it is. If you have tried something and found it working, the better way to make full use of it is through sharing it with others just like I am doing with these part time jobs you see below.

I know many of you are rushing to scroll down without reading the introductory part, but, how do you expect to know the details without going through the first paragraphs?

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In Uganda, making an extra cash besides your full time job is one way to get rich why? You are on a sure deal of making some good savings which can help you start a business or involve yourself in any sort of productive ventures besides your job.

Here are the 3 best part time jobs in Uganda according to my research and findings.

Best 3 part time jobs in Uganda

  • Selling online
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing

Selling online

Selling online involves very less time. It is an activity which you can do at anytime and anywhere. It only requires you to study the market and know what is likely to be bought or something on demand.

Whether you want to establish a full online store or simply sell a single product at a time, the different online stores including Jumia, Kilimall and etc will help you get started. Best of all is that you can sell anything from phones to jewelry, sports shoes to watches and etc.

Wondering were to find buyers, it only requires you to share your products or store once in a while on your social connections like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Instagram and see how your sales are boosted. I will talk about more in detail in my next posts about selling online.

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Did you know that Bloggers earn lots of money? And guess what, it requires very small capital to get started and sometimes even free. You simply need a top level domain name or a free sub domain name to get started. A domain will cost you $0.99 while hosting can be 100% free e.g by Blogger, 000webhost and etc.

Blogging is simply turning what you know, or that thing you are good at into writing. For example, this is a blog post about the different part time jobs in Uganda. Assuming this post is monetized, I stand chances of earning every time it is read.

Additionally, through Blogging you can do lots more and earn for example linking to related products which you can sell and earn. Also advertisers will pay you to have their ads run on your site which is pretty a way to earn an extra and save it for bigger use.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best part time jobs in Uganda anyone can do. If you have that time to share something funny to your 3000 followers and friends, why not get that same time and share a product which will pay you when you sell?

In affiliate marketing, you are paid to refer sales as a result of your link. Sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Fiverr and etc are good at paying affiliates and it costs nothing to join.

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Now days, you may even not have your own website to do affiliate marketing since you can use Twitter, Facebook and other online pages / profiles as your website and earn.

Final thoughts

Let me be honest with you. The best part times jobs in Uganda are almost the same jobs in other countries like Kenya, Nigeria and etc. It takes a few minutes to get started and earn that extra off your part timing activities. You don’t need to wait, get started today and make it.

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