SurveySparrow Review: Your Multichannel Survey Partner


Growing your business needs to carefully address a number of aspects, one of which is your clients’ experiences. By recognizing your customers’ feedback about using your business or services, you will have a clear vision of what to enhance, what to change, or what to modify in an attempt to make your customers satisfied and have positive experiences.

Several approaches are followed to closely understand how your clients feel about your business. One of which is surveys. In this regard, this article aims to highlight the main features of an online survey platform named SurveySparrow.

 What is SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow is an online platform that enables you to design surveys in the form of conversations. That is, creating chat-like surveys using various types of questions to create engaging and personalizing surveys for your correspondents to answer. Moreover, SurveySparrow has several features to use. All are found for one purpose: to gain an insightful understanding of your customers’ experience, therefore, making sound decisions concerning your business.

SurveySparrow’s Features and Advantages

SurveySparrow puts in your hand several features. They are the following:

Subaccounts & Multiple Users

SurveySparrow offers you the opportunity to run different accounts of your teams using only one single parent account. Furthermore, you will find that all these accounts are centralized billing and hassle-free checkout.

Multi-Language Chat-Surveys

Target all your customers whenever they are around the world. Thanks to multi-language surveys, your respondents can comfortably answer all of your questions using their mother tongue.

Single Sign-On

The platform will certainly secure your account using SSO or what is known as Single Sign-On.

Visual Workflows

Depending on your survey’s triggers, you can automate actions. Set all the conditions of your survey and the tasks once your subjects clock in.

Executive Dashboard

The primary purpose behind SurveySparrow’s dashboard is to easily and effortlessly visualize the data of your survey. To do so, the platform provides you with different widgets. These include horizontal bar charts, vertical bar chat, line Charts, and others. The dashboard is sharable and clickable. Thus, you can send it to your team members to analyze the data and find solutions.

Case Management

Case management is the right service you need to close the feedback loop with ease. Taking the priority of your survey responses into account, you can take immediate action, solve the issues, and finally turn your detractors into promoters. Moreover, you have the ability to automate the survey responses so that other members will have them. Using SurveySparrow, the in-built system allows you to design actionable items you need to solve the case each time you need.

Bell Curve

This feature helps you in analyzing your participants’ competency to aid them to devise a personal development plan in order to target the areas they wish to improve.

The findings are, then, divided into small parts to carefully examine the competency scores with filters. Additionally, you can get a holistic view of all individual widgets after adding them to the widget dashboard. Upload each widget in JPEG & PNG formats.

Generate Conversational Surveys

Create captivating conversational surveys to get the response rates you need. Besides, SurvetSparrow gives you the option to choose between 360 feedback surveys, chat surveys, conversational forms, offline surveys, etc. You have access to various themes and design buttons, text, questions, answers, and more.

Personalize and Build Smart Surveys

In order not to incorporate any irrelevant questions, smart surveys are there to help. These kinds of surveys use a feature named skip logic. To achieve so, you need first to set conditional logic branching while displaying logic previews. In this way, only relevant questions can reach your respondent. Personalize and customize your surveys by using Question Piping, contact params & variables.

White-Label Your Surveys

Using SurveyParrow Services, you can comfortably white-label your surveys and keep them unbranded. Design your surveys using the CSS in any way you wish. You can freely build trust with respondents by sharing surveys from your domain or customizing them to share with customers. Neither your clients nor your customers will know that SurveySparrow is behind the work.

Collect Omnichannel Feedback Easily

Once you create your survey, you can share it via email, QR code, URL, Mobile, mobile SDK, portal share, and others. Besides, your customer’s experience can be promoted thanks to NPS triggers.

Real-time Reports & Analysis

SurveySparrow’s real-time report aids you to analyze and have a clear understanding of your collected data. This feature gives you ample opportunities to get the aimed results behind conducting your survey. For instance, it gives you the chance to filter all your responses depending on questions, answers, survey share method, etc. moreover, the Compare feature allows you to cross-tabulate your responses. Your data may be exported as PDF, Excel, or SPSS, as well as peruse offline

Automation & workflows

It may seem hard to automate actions depending only on your survey responses. Here comes the role of Custom Workflows. The latter enables you to assign your survey’s conditions, choose the appropriate actions concerning the workflows, and design a new one. If some correspondents meet your specific conditions, simply send them emails to get their answers. In case you need to update your team, you can automatically do it on Slack/Microsoft Teams.

Data Security

Encrypted online surveys assure you to collect your data secretly. You can freely build safe connections and protect your custom domain by using secure surveys (SSL).

 Of course, not everyone should have access to your survey. For this specific reason, you should use IP whitelisting to make sure that only trustworthy sources can have access. You have also the option to use to get the SSO, which stands for Single Sign-On.  Notice that the platform’s experience management is GDPR compliant.

Audience Management

Managing your audience is now possible with SurveySparrow. You can easily get all the contact details using Hubspot, Google Contacts, and Intercom. Import them all by utilizing CSV and Excel. Teams and folders will help you to manage the visibility and accessibility of your surveys.

Last Words

Understanding your customers’ feedback and their experiences while using your services or business is vitally essential to improving your work. SurveySparrow makes the whole procedure easier and more fruitful.