Review! FluidStack Pays $50 To Rent Your Computer ReviewAround march, I came across FluidStack, a service which pays you up to $50 per month to rent your computer. If you hadn’t got a chance of trying this provider which you can use to make passive income every month, then you got to read this review and learn more. Also you will discover whether FluidStack is a legitimate service worth to use with your computer and or it is  scam service you shouldn’t waste your time on.

Like many of you know, not every online money making opportunity will do as it claims. Yes, there have been and still are many sites which claim to reward users but only end up scamming them as opposed to paying. That is why if you are into online earning and extra income money making, you should always check out the different reviews about that service you have been introduced to before joining as that will help save that time you would otherwise spend on a non legitimate site.

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In this review about FluidStack, I will share some great information with regard and hopeful, you will find in very helpful towards making that extra cash of between $5 to $50 on a monthly basis. Lets explore more below.

What is FluidStack?

According to their website, “FluidStack is a cloud platform that serves websites from a network of consumer devices (instead of large data centres)”.

How does FluidStack work?

It all starts by joining which requires creating an account which is free. Once your application to become a beta users to run “FluidStack nodes” is approved, you are given a software to download, install and leave it running on your computer.

How do you earn?

Once you have installed the software, it will detect when your computer is idle and put it to work by using a “small amount of your bandwidth and CPU to test our network and serve web content”. Depending on your internet connection, you will earn anywhere between $5 and $50 per month with an option to earn a monthly flat rate. Payments are sent via PayPal and I have got a screenshot for my own payments received.

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Minimum computer requirements

  • Good internet upload speed
  • Windows desktop computer
  • uPnP

Is FluidStack  legit or scam?

Being honest, FluidStack is a legitimate site I would recommend one to join why? Ever since I joined in March, I have been paid a number of times at least that I know. You can also join and confirm what I am saying after you test. Unless things change, for now, the service is legit than being scam. Here is the link to join no matter where you are from be Uganda, Kenya, India, UK, etc.

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  • Frank Wu

    Fluidstack offers an interesting model for both the seller and the buyer. However If you as DevOps want to save money by renting Nvidia RTX, but at the same time be sure of the stable operation of the equipment, I would recommend the cloud GPU service. They, like Fluidstack, offer 2080Ti, but their equipment is located in the data center, and not on the balcony 😉

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