My Roofing Contractor Got Hurt on My Property. What Happens Now?


The North American roofing market is made up of roofing replacements, which contribute to over 90% of the roofing market’s volume and value! As a homeowner, it’s vital to know the legal implications of roofing work being conducted on your property, especially if an accident occurs.

If a roofing contractor gets hurt while working on your property, it’s important to understand the legal repercussions for both you and the injured worker.

You Might Need to Cover Medical Bills

Depending on the situation, you may be held liable for covering the medical bills of the injured contractor as well as any other damages incurred. Before any work begins, you should be sure to have the contractor sign a release of liability form so that if an accident does occur, you will not be held financially responsible for their medical bills and other associated costs.

Even if your worker has their own health insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, you could still be liable for medical bills if the worker files a claim against you.

You Shouldn’t Fire an Injured Worker

In many states, it’s illegal to fire someone if they have filed for workers’ compensation. If a roofing contractor gets injured on your property and then files for workers’ compensation, you should not terminate their employment. Doing so could result in an employee lawsuit.

It’s also important to remember that an injured worker may be entitled to additional financial benefits if they cannot return to work due to the injury. If your employee is entitled to receive workers’ compensation, you should make sure that they get the necessary benefits.

Take Your Time Hiring an Insured Person

As of 2018, the roofing industry is expected to continue to grow exponentially at a rate of 4.9%. However, just because you find someone with a license does not necessarily mean that they are insured. It’s important to take your time when hiring a roofing contractor and ensure that the person you hire is properly insured.

Most companies will have their insurance information listed on their website or business cards, but make sure to double-check with the contractor before any work begins. If you’re unsure if a contractor is properly insured, you can always contact the insurance company directly to verify their coverage.

You Might Need to Hire a Lawyer

If you are sued by a roofing contractor for damages resulting from an accident on your property, you may need to hire a lawyer. The best way to protect yourself and avoid potential lawsuits is to make sure that the contractor is properly insured and has signed a release of liability form before any work begins.

A lawyer will help you understand the legal implications of a roofing accident on your property and will guide you through the next steps. In addition, a lawyer can represent you in court if a lawsuit is brought against you.

Overall, it’s important to understand the legal implications of roofing work being conducted on your property. If an accident does occur, make sure to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and be aware of any potential liabilities that may arise.

If Someone Passes Away You’ll Need More Help

If the worst should happen and a roofing contractor passes away due to an accident on your property, you may be responsible for paying for funeral costs or compensating the family of the deceased.

It is important to consult with an attorney in order to understand your legal responsibilities if this unfortunate event occurs. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and advise you on the best course of action.

By taking steps to protect yourself beforehand and being aware of the legal implications of roofing work, you can help ensure that any accidents that occur do not lead to costly legal issues in the future.