Review! Is Legit or Scam?

Money Genie Review

Money Genie ReviewThis is a review of Money Genie, a newly registed website I just stumbled upon, created an account with and sharing with you. If you are wondering whether this site is legit and indeed allows affiliated to complete task and share links, or a scam site not worth to waste your time on, keep reading.

Website name:
Domain registration date: 2019-10-23
Earning options: Sign up bonus, referring, task wall and YouTube submission
Payment : Varies depending on option used
Payment processors: Western Union, Bank transfer, etc
Legit or Scam: Read full review to find out

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What is

Money Genie is a get paid to social network website which claims to pay members for completing tasks and sharing their referral links. The website works in such a way those interested have to first join the site in order to start earning As a member, you are rewarded up to $35 sign up bonus, $1 for each referral click, $5 for new referrals, $30 per offer walls and $50 for YouTube sharing. The more you do the above tasks, the more money is credited onto your account.

Ways to earn from

  • RSign up bonus
  • Link sharing
  • Referring new members
  • Offer wall completion
  • YouTube sharing

Like I mentioned above, those are some of the ways you can earn when you become a member of this website. The much you earn is determined by the amount which is paid for that particular task for example $1 for every referral link click.

How do you get paid from

  • Western Union
  • Bank transfer
  • Bank wire

Money Genie allows you to withdraw money anytime to any of the above for as long as you are able to go through all their steps which I am nopt sure anyone has ever managed to complete and get paid.

Also read: Review! Is Legit or Scam?

Is Legit or scam?

We have seen so many paying sites. Many of them pay minimumly for the tasks provided. For this site, the earnings are pretty high which makes me think that they are scam. Why do I say so? First, they promise what they can’t deliver depending on the tasks offered. Secondly, once you reach the minimum payment threshold, you can’t withdraw direct. You are required to go through completing surveys which are endless.

As for me, it all looks like the site’s sole purpose is collecting emails for reselling since it is a pure scam site with no ownership information provided to the public. But in case I get paid, I will change my verdict.

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    Great article. And is a great website.

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