Manko Bank in Senegal

Manko bank Senegal

Manko bank SenegalWhen it comes to  employees, traders and companies, Manko Bank  in Senegal is one of the service providers you can try out when it comes to fulfilling your financial goals.

Being a provider dedicated to low-income populations, it becomes relatively easy for any one not only to access but also to grow and promote their economic development through the local products and services offered by Manko bank.

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Right from accompanying and advising clients at every stage, Manko bank supports SME projects to support employment and strengthen the private sector thus leading to development of employees, traders and companies.

If you are a modest income earner, or a trader, sole proprietorship and SMEs, you are the very client targeted by Sengal’s Manko bank. Being a customer gives you access to a wide range of financial products and services offered and which all have benefits associated.

What does Manko bank offer?

  • Accounts creation
  • Credits
  • Insurance
  • Saving
  • Transactions

With an account, you are able to save your money regardless of the source for example your salary. And when you are ready to get started, they offer you credit necessary for example working capital. And for insurance, this is a clear way of ensuring that your future is secure just in case.

How to connect to Manko bank?

Creating an account with Mako bank is very simple and easy. Without leaving your workplace or home, Manko agents who travel by scooter and using their digital and mobile tool will find you where you are and open the account for you.

Unlike other banks in Senegal which require you to go to the banking hall, Manko is different just like you’ve read above.

Also, your Manko account is connected to Yup account on your mobile phone thus meaning that you are able to perform all your transactions via the network of Yup agents.

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Manko bank Head office: Lot 34 VDN Mermoz 3rd floor – BP 11746 Dakar – Senegal. Customer service phone contact +221 33 849 07 41. Website address:

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