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Lazybucks review

Lazybucks reviewI just stumbled upon Lazybucks, an app which pays you for linking your Facebook account, install a Google chrome extension and refer others. If you haven’t heard of the lucrative passive income alternative yet, open your eyes and read this entire review. Yes, since making money online is a hobby to me, I will share how it works and how you too can get started right now.

From what I know, we all need money. Money helps life go on since you are able to accomplish lots of stuff you otherwise wouldn’t without it. Lets look deeper to see whether website is legit and indeed pays, or another scam site you should avoid completely.

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Website name:
Domain age: Since 2019-08-29
Paying for: Linking Facebook account and referring
Payment processor: PayPal
Legit or scam: Read full review

What is

This is a website kind of application which rewards members for linking their Facebook account and referring others. In order to get started, one needs to visit the site, create or register an account and login. From there, you can install a Google Chrome browser extension and start profiting. In essense, it is like you are renting your FB account to them.

Requirements to qualify

  • Account must be aged at least 2 old with a miniumum of 100+ friends
  • You should be aged 18+ years old with a real photo of you on your profile
  • Account shouldn’t be an Ads or Business.

How to earn with Lazybucks?

  • Use the above link to create an “account”.
  • Log in and download the Chrome extension.
  • Link your FB with Lazybucks
  • Wait for your account to be approved.
  • Refer your friends and start seeing money come in.

Yes, that is all when it comes to earning. The whole things is pretty simple and easy. Don’t spend your valuable time doing nothing, turn it into income generating as simple as that.

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Is legit or scam?

I stumbled upon this site a sometime back. Since I am still pending approval, it is still early to say my final verdict on whether they are scam or legit. However, posts trending on the internet show how they are legit with payment proofs. In case you have tried them and got paid, share back, and if they didn’t pay, also share. Until then, keep waiting for my verdict.

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