Item Stuck AT JAMAICA, NY 11430? Here Is The Solution


Shipment stuck at JAMAICA NY 11430According to USPS product and tracking information, my Item arrived at USPS facility in JAMAICA, NY 11430 6 days back but still stuck at the facility now 12 days from the day I bought it off eBay.

When I contacted the seller who sold to me the product, he responded by saying, “I happens from time to time. Many items get stuck at USPS facility in JAMAICA, NY 11430 for unknown number of days but later on are delivered to their final destinations“.

As far as I am concerned, I expected the seller to give me an estimate at least of the number of days but he didn’t. What’s the way forward then? Reading the sellers response made me rush to Mr. Google where I instantly queried the same.

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I was amazed to find that this indeed happens. In fact. I spoke to one person who wrote about the same some years back and he told me not to be worried since my item which is currently stuck at at USPS facility in JAMAICA, NY 11430 after it arrived 6 days back will make come any day.

He went on to tell me how different Geo locations are affected differently depending on the mode of delivery. By the way, this guy was right, I don’t have a mailing address. I instead have a Postal address which I use as a mailing address.

Therefore, either way my item will be sent to my postal office box number where I will finally collect it well as I am not so sure when that will be.

If you are like me and wondering why your item got stuck at USPS facility in JAMAICA, NY 11430, please don’t worry. It will arrive soon since from that stage, items are likely to be in transit to their final destinations which are not tracked unless one choose a first class high pay service.

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I am still waiting for my item and will continue to wait for it. The good thing is that I am on a sure deal that it will arrive to my address and will be more than happy to use it.

Oh yes, this is the exact solution which will work for you no matter whether you are in Canada, Nigeria, India, Uganda, Tanzania and etc..

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