How To Swear An Affidavit / Get A Court Order In Uganda

How to get a court order in UgandaYou can get a court order and affidavit in Uganda by submitting in all required details to the Magistrates court of choice. There are a number of reasons which calls for such orders and declarations depending on the need for example when processing an absentee transfer of a Motor vehicle through Uganda revenue authority.

When is a Court order / Affidavit required?

A court order or an Affidavit are required when there is a cause. Depending on the nature of an issue, such may be required to ensure that both parties are secure just in case. An example can be requesting a person to transfer for example a land title when one isn’t the one whom the seller sold to directly but having purchased the land from someone who else but of course with all supporting documents.

In such cases, one can refer someone to court to swear an affidavit or statutory declaration which should be presented to the person who requested for it. That person will therefore make a transaction in favor of the claimant and the declaration just in case someone else comes back claiming. That is why original identification documents are required together with the claimant.

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What is a Court order?

A Court order may refer to a “directive” or “instruction” by the Courts of Laws to an individual, company, organisation, etc to do anything. Court rules out in favor of anyone and gives instructions to anyone to do something.

What is an Affidavit?

An affidavit may simply refer to that a “written statement of facts”. According to Uganda laws, the same can also be known as a “Statutory declaration”. In our case, the person who is processing the said order above states to court how he or she or they are / own the said physical “motor vehicle”, how one is of sound mind and etc as proof of ownership.

Requirements for Court order

  • Original / certified Newspaper advert
  • Police report in case of lost logbook
  • Original vehicle logbook
  • Original Identity cards
  • Original academic documents
  • Original travel document like passport
  • Search and certification report for lost logbook
  • Motor vehicle Inspection report
  • Original land title
  • Original birth certificate
  • Certified copies of originals
  • Physical identification, etc

Note: Depending on why you are processing a court order, you will be required to submit any of the documents which apply as requested by the courts of law.

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How to process a Court order / Swear an Affidavit?

Process an order and swearing an affidavit goes hand in hand in our case. Swearing an affidavit is done by a commissioner for oaths, those who are mandated and authorized to “verify such statutory declarations, legal documents, etc”.

In order to swear an affidavit if you are processing a court order at the same time, this can be done and completed at the same place for example the Magistrates Court at Nakawa, Buganda road, Kakiri, Mengo, LDC and others.

An example of transfer, the above will require one to provide proof of ownership of the said anything as indicated in the requirements above.

Note: Please note that Certain court fees may apply during the process.

What next after the court order is issued?

Once you have gone through all the steps and an order issued, you should then submit the documents where they requested for them for example in the Bank if the issue was all about your bank account names or at the passport office if it was something to with lost passport or change of names

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Other reasons for swearing an Affidavit in Uganda

An affidavit in Uganda can be used to solve a number of issues besides the one we have seen above. Other reasons you may require an affidavit include but not limited to;

  • Change of legal for example names on national ID
  • Change of names on Passport for example having acquired a new name
  • Motor vehicle transfers for example your ID not matching with names on your TIN
  • Change of names on Academic documents
  • Issues to do Bank account name changes
  • Judicial proceedings
  • Family court issues, etc

Winding up

Issues to do court orders and affidavit swearing can be processed well once once has all of the requirements. The process takes a few days to be completed depending on how one wants it (time frame) and the availability of the Judge or commissioner for oaths to process it.

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