How To Replace A Lost Driving Permit in Uganda

Lost driving permit

Lost driving permitYou can replace a lost driving permit in Uganda by submitting in all required documents to any of the Face Technologies centers across the country. Replacing a lost or stolen license involves different steps which one must fulfill in order to qualify for a duplicate permit.

Depending on the validity period of your lost driving permit, you either qualify for a new and or for a duplicate. In case of a renew, renewal fees are involved while for a lost one, the duplicate fee are involved.

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Requirements for lost permit replacement

  • Newspaper advert
  • Police report
  • Duplicate permit fees
  • UCDP form

How to replace a lost permit in Uganda

Step 1: Place a news advert of lost permit

Place a lost advert in any of the local newspapers e.g Bukedde, Monitor, New vision etc. The news advert should contain your names and permit number. If you don’t know your permit number, use below link.

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Step 2: Report and obtain a Police letter

Obtain a police letter (To whom it may concern) from any nearest police station. It is important to report to the nearest police station where the loss of your permit incident occurred. This is vital in cases where the document was found and reported to the police.

Step 3:  Pay for Duplicate fees at any local bank of choice

  • Visit
  • Click on “eServices”
  • Click on “Payment registration”.
  • Check “Tax head”, and select “Duplicate driving permit” under “NTR head”.
  • Fill in your names and all other information as required.
  • Select “payment mode” of choice e.g “cash” and select bank of choice.
  • Click accept and register and print out the bank payment slip.
  • Pay the associated fees in the bank.

Step 4: Download UCDP Form

Download, print and fill FORM UCDP 1 – Application for Driving Permit (Medical Form)

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Step 5: Go to Face technologies

Attach the above and submit to any Face Technologies office countrywide. You will be issued with a Duplicate within between 30 minutes to an Hour.

Note: Duplicate driving permits are issued to permits which are still valid at the date of processing. In case of expired but lost driving permits, you will be required to pay driving permit renewal fees in addition to the advert and police letter while omitting the duplicate fees.

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