How To Renew A Driving Permit in Uganda

How to get a new driving permit in UgandaYou can renew a driving permit in Uganda by submitting in all required document, together with the original at Face Technologies Kyambogo office or any other branches countrywide.

In order for your renewal to be effected or processed, it is mandatory for the applicant t show proof payment of the required monies depending on the license validity period for example 1 year or 3 years.

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Requirements for Renewing a Driving permit

  • Bank payment slip (proof of payment).
  • Filled and signed UCDP 1.
  • Original driving permit
  • Copy of newspaper advert and police report in case of lost original license (See how to replace lost driving permit)

Steps to process driving permit renewal

Step 1: Register your renewal payment

Make Uganda driving permit payment

  • Visit
  • Click “eServices” on your right hand side.
  • Tick “NTR” and select “Renewal Driving permit” under tax head.
  • Fill in the entire form including names, address and etc.
  • Select “Cash, Mobile payment, POS, or any other” under payment mode.
  • Select the “Bank” of your choice eg Equity bank from the drop down under “bank name”.
  • Click “Accept and register” and print the payment slip.
  • Still on URA portal, download the UCDP 1 medical form

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Step 2: Pay Renewal fees to the selected bank and fill in UCDP 1 form

  • Pay for Renewal fees either for 1 year or 3 years at any local bank you selected.
  • Fill in the download UCDP 1 medical form and sign it.

Step 3: Submit everything to Face Technologies

Attach the bank payment slip, original drivers license, filled UCDP medical form and submit to Kyambogo Face Technologies office or any other branch countrywide.

You will be issued with a Renew within between 30 minutes to an hour for those in Kampala and in about 24 to 48 hours for those outside Kampala main branch.

Note: Renewal is done when the expired original is available and presented to Face Technologies. In case of lost license, refer to processing a duplicate aka lost replacement.

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Winding up

Renewing a driving license in Uganda is a very easy process to those who follow the right procedures.

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5 thoughts on “How To Renew A Driving Permit in Uganda

  • tukei pius

    I am a Ugandan citizen but residing in Dubai, so how can I renew my license when am this side and how much is the cost-plus class addition?

  • Jyoti Damani

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’d paid 130,000/ to renew my driving permit for a 3 years on 5/7/19.
    I’d been in & out of the country and had overlooked going to the face technology to pay their fees and collect it.
    Unfortunately, when I did go to collect it, I was told the time to collect it had lapsed & now, have to pay for new permit & restart the whole process of applying for the licence.
    Now, I have the proof of the payment made to the bank for 130,000/
    Am I to pay that again? Plus, what is the way forward?
    Would appreciate your guidance.


    if i want to renew my permit and also add a class how much do i need to pay. for example am having class B and want to add class DL.

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