How To Reconnect A Suspended Gotv Account?

my gotv account informationYou can reconnect a suspended Gotv account by following the a set of guidelines as indicated below. Having your decoder in an inactive status is in many cases related to non payment of the subscription fees depending on the bouquet of choice. In cases where you have paid your susbcription renew fees but still stuck in the above mode, try out the following.

  • Reboot your decoder
  • Use self help portal
  • Contact customer service

Note: Before trying out any of the ways to reconnect a suspended Gotv account, you should ensure that you have fully paid your bouquet and subscription fees depending on your package. Failure to do so won’t help out in solving since the service is a paid one. You can refer here on how to change paid Tv to free to air (fta).

Reboot your decoder

According to the different paid decoder manuals, it is advised to make your subscription payment when your decoder is in power and switched on. This helps faster connection and payment alert there by re-activating the service instantly. In cases where you paid and your decoder is still deactivated, you can simply restart your decoder box set and wait for a few seconds for your channels to be back. If the above fail, head on to next step below.

Use self help portal

Gotv has a self help portal where customers can simply visit and clear any kind of error that would be affecting their streaming. All you need is your decoder ICU number which is usually located at the back of your card, clicking the clear option and all errors are gone. This way will help you have your account activated once again so you enjoy your favorite channels. Still failed, head on to next step below.

Contact customer service

You can contact customer service either by live chat on their website, call or email depending on your choice. The live chat option will let you chat directry with Gotv customer care representative who will help you solve the problem by working together. The call option will let you talk to the helper who can take you through how to solve it. The email is the last resport and it means sending an email notifying them of your problem.

Either way will help you to fix GOtv account suspended after payment within a shortest time possible. Refer to your decoder box set back or manual for helpine numbers depending on your country.

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