How To Get Boda Boda Loan Fast In Uganda (Banja)

boda boda loans in ugandaWith many boda bosses enjoying the daily cash-in out of their inestments, it becomes hard for the riders to enjoy maximum freedom and ownership since that happening would mean a cut in the owners earnings. The above and others are some of the reasons many seek for ways in which they can get their own boda-boda’s in order to enjoy full control.

In Uganda, getting a banja boda is a dream come true. In fact of the riders you see on Kampala streets and other towns are riding their own after managing to get a helping hand in form of a loan from the different providers. And you can tell how it feels to own a personal commercial motorcycle if you are able to speak to those guys you see everyday.

In case you are still stranded but really want to become a boda boss of your own, visit any of the 5 Boda-Boda loan providers below to get a banja fast.

#1. Tugende boda

I never knew about Tugenda boda service not until, Mugumya, a friend of mine who is a safeboda rider narrated to me. Tugende is a boda leasing service which helps full-time motorcycle drivers get access to their own bikes.


  • Being at least a one experienced rider
  • Belonging to a certain stage for at least 6 months
  • Attending daily classes
  • Providiong 2 guarantors who can be your family or friend

The above gives you access to become your own boss courtesy of tugende. Visit any of the Tugende branch offices or to get started.

#2. Opportunity bank boda loan

If you have a dream of expanding your business, opportunity bank has a plan for you. Through their boda-loan which is aimed at helping moptorcycle riders to succeed and enlarge their business, you are on track. All you need is to visit any of their brances and make an inquiry.


  • Initial depost of 500,000/ ugx
  • An active bank account with them.
  • A motorcycle riders license
  • Be a member of a stage, and etc.

Visit any of their opportunity bank branch and make an inquire. Also check all requirements on

#3. Mamidecot Uganda boda loan

If you are a youth and really want to become self-employed, a Mamidecot boda loan is suitable for you. With a mission to meant to improve mobility, transport of goods to the market, etc, you are a few days to join the rider owners from the employees level.


  • Open up an account with them.
  • Get a banja loan when its the time.

Visit Mamidecot office located at Masaka-Kampala road adjacent Nyendo-Total fuel station and make an inquire. Also check all requirements on

#4. SafeBoda Loan

SafeBoda is another service provider which gives riders boda-boda loans. Also known for offering safe riding experience with well tarined riders, you can never go wrong with them as your choice.


  • You must be their safe-rider

Visit SafeBoda office for more on this. Also check all requirements on

#5. Boda Boda Banja Ltd

I know many of you know about this scheme. The scheme is available in Kampala with an aim of helping riders become self employed and enjoy the benefits associated.

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