How To Get A URA TIN Number in Uganda

Obtain a Tax identification number in Uganda
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You can get a URA TIN Number by applying for it. The application process begins online on the Uganda revenue authority web portal and involves a series of steps right from downloading the forms, filling them, re-uploading them, submitting hard copies of the same including other required details to the nearest branch and waiting for its approval by the approving officer. Lets explore more on the same topic below.

What is a TIN Number in Uganda?

A Tax identification number is that unique 10 digit number which is issued by Uganda revenue authority to individuals (persons) and non-individuals (Companies, organisations, etc) and are mandatory in order to access certain services as outlined by the law.

Uses of a TIN Number

KCCA Trading license

You need a TIN Number if you want to at any time want to access any of the following services. These at the same time services as the importance and uses of the tax identification number in Uganda.

  • Import and export of goods
  • Claim payment refunds and other tax benefits
  • 50+ Million shillings bank loans
  • Bid for supply and purchases of goods / services
  • Obtain KCCA trading license
  • Obtain company bank account
  • Register and transfer of motor vehicles
  • 50+ Million Shillings land processing, etc

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Requirements for individual tin number registration

Individuals must provide the below requirements which without, it becomes difficult to have TIN registration application approved. Those requirements include;

  • Duly filled and signed DT-1001 form
  • Two copies of different ID’s.
  • Working email and phone number
  • Proof of employment (income source)
  • Referee with a Tax number

Requirements for non-individual tin registration

Non -Individuals (Limited companies, partnerships, diplomatic missions, government institutions, funded projects, local authorities, NGOs, CBOs, etc) must provide the below requirements to have TIN registration application processed and approved.. Refer here for additional info.

  • Duly filled and signed DT-1002 form
  • Copy of registration certificate (certificate of incorporation or business registration)
  • Copy of the Company Form 20
  • Copy of statement of particulars
  • Working email and phone number

How to register for tax identification number?

Individual TIN Number registration

Whether you are an individual or non-individual, follow the below step by step procedures to register for a TIN number.

  • Visit URA web portal
  • Scroll down and click “download online forms”
  • Click (DT-1001 for Individual or DT-1002 for Non-individual registration)
  • Save form and open it on your computer
  • Enable Macros in MS Excel and fill form.
  • Click Validate at the End of form and Save upload file.
  • Open web portal again and go to “eServices”.
  • Click “Individual Registration” and select “New form”.
  • Enter your name, select file, agree terms and click upload.

Print uploaded forms, attach all copies of the requirements and submit to any Uganda revenue authority branch office (Nateete, Ham shopping grounds, Nakawa, DTB Kampala road, Nansana, Makindye, Katwe, etc). Your documents will be verified and you will be issued with your unique number right away.

Note: An active internet connection on a computer is a must. Your computer should also have Microsoft Excel feature installed since it is the program which is required to fill the downloaded forms. A printer attached on your computer is necessary to help you print out the hard copies you are supposed to hand submit to URA.

How to correct, change or update (amend) tin number details?

You can correct, change or update your URA TIN number details and information online or offline depending on the reason why you are amending. You can change your names (with supporting documents), address (email, phone number, etc), identification, business and etc.

Performing an online amendment requires login access to your online TIN account while an offline amendment doesn’t require online access but TIN owners presence.

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Online TIN number amendment

Online tin amendment

  • Log into your URA account
  • Scroll to “eServices”
  • Hoover under “E-Registration” and click Individual registration
  • Fill in all details you want to change
  • Click Submit.

Offline TIN number amendment

TIN registration forms

  • Visit URA web portal.
  • Scroll and click “download manual forms”
  • Click “Domestic taxes”
  • Click “Registration forms”
  • Click “DT-1003 – TIN Individual Amendment Form” or
  • Click “DT-1004 – TIN Non-Individual Amendment Form”
  • Download, save and print form.
  • Fill it indicating your updates / corrections and effective date of change.
  • Attach your ID (individual) and submit to any nearest URA branch office.

Note: Whether you do it online or office, after your application for amendment has been acknowledged, you will receive an acknowledgment number which you can use to track your application.

Winding up

A TIN number is a wide topic. Since the same can be used to serve more than one task, all of those who want to fulfill their tax obligations must acquire, get or register for one as its the only way you can use to access particular services as outlined above.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to post a comment below using the form. I will be very happy to respond to you.

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