How To Fix SP Flash Tool BROM ERROR 4008, 0xFDA & 3149

SP Flash tool brom error solutionReader, let me take you through these simple instructions you should follow to fix these common SP Flash tool erros including Brom error: s_ft_get_memory_fail (0xfda) and Brom error : s_ft_download_fail (4008). If you have been recieving any of the above error while flashing your mobile phone, this guide is for you.

Like we know, SP Flash tool is one of the recommended mobile phone repair kits when it comes to flashing. Right from removing Google’s factory reset protection (frp) to downloading and upgrading ROM, many people use the same.

However, there are instances where SP Flash tool returns error messages indicating a failure, or inability to complete a particular task. With Brom error: s_ft_get_memory_fail (0xfda) and Brom error : s_ft_download_fail (4008) being some of the common erros, this article explain them in detail from cause to solution.

SP Flash tool Brom error : s_ft_download_fail (4008)

If you encounter the above error, know that “SP Flash tool” did encounter an “error” while attempting to flash files. And for this, one can try out the following solutions and retry again.


  • Charge your phone battery to full if you can.
  • Make sure that you switch off your phone before attempting to flash it.
  • You can also download the latest version of the tool
  • Change the USB port you are connecting from.
  • Also change the Cable you are using
  • Make sure you selected the format + download under options.

Brom error: s_ft_get_memory_fail (0xfda)

This error is associated with the tool failing to read your phone storage. The most likely cause are a bad USB cord or a mulfunctioning USB port.


  • Change the USB cord you are using
  • Switch to a different PC port

Brom error : s_da_sdmmc_write_failed (3149)

If you see this message showing up, it is a sign that “SP Flash tool” was unable to flash files to the target mobile phone. In many cases, this is due to running the tool not as an admin, selecting an empty path of file, low phone battery or even doing it while the phone is on.


  • Run the tool as a computer administrator. Right click on “SP Flash tool”, select run as administrator.
  • Try to format first and then select download
  • Make sure all file paths selected are correct
  • Charge your phone battery to full
  • First turn off your phone before connecting it
  • You can also try a different computer port

The next time you encounter any of the 3 error above, follow the above procedures and get it rid of the errors.

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