How To Find A Renter For Your Small Room Fast in 5 Ways

how to rent out a small room fastIf you want to test a landlords happiness, refer a tenant who instantly pays the agreed rental period dues and see. Trust me, that person will be more than happy since those rentals are their source/s of income, just like an employee earns salary from his or her employer.

For small room owners, they are many chances of having their houses stay unrented since in most cases, such rooms cannot accomodate a family as they are mostly suitable for school going ages since for they have no family as it is for the working class. In case you own such and still wondering how you could find a renter fast be in India, you are reading the right page, and please continue.

From experience, below I share some of the 5 best ways you can find a tenant fast for your small room.

#1. Make them look good.

There is this neighbor who owns more than 30 small rooms. They are unplastered, very small and the entire environment is very poor to accomodate people who would have interest. One way of being sure to get renters is making such rooms look good. Good rooms tend to attract those who like them.

If they are unplastered rooms, plater them. If the environment isnt friendly, turn it into what people live. This way and etc will boost your search and eventually you will get renters.

#2. Wire electricity

It is very common for small house owners not to connect them to the grid. I have seen many who shared with me why they failed to connect their houses – they bring in small and therefore no more resources to waste on them. But, like I mentioned above, even small rooms have people who are okay with them.

Since electricity is currently a necessity at least for many of us, why not test that and see how many will be left without occupants? Sure, this is a real working trick you should try out.

#3. Use brokers

Did you know that brokers have power to make one love a house no matter its condition? Since those brokers are trusted in their business, their power lies on how connvincing they are. A broker convinced me and I was almost renting a house whose toilets were a few days to full levels. This guy told me how it would take a landlord a few days to complete working on the new toilet which had no single sign of being in progress not even a pit hole.

If you live in a place where brokers are and still failed to make full of all your houses with tenants, give brokers a try, you will come back here and share what happened if you are good at making returns.

#4. Merge them

I just merged 6 of my small rooms into 3. These rooms which are located in one of the Kampala city suburbs were small I admit and beds with no screws wouldn’t dare to come closer. Immediately after this, all the rooms are currently being occupied by new tenants. In fact, not even a broker helped me get renters as they came themselves.

If merging is a solution, why nopt try it out and see the outcome. If you have tried out all the above and still failed, no, this won’t fail if you do it perfectly.

#5. List them online

I don’t know why online is best for any kind of business. No matter what, listing your small houses online at resaonable pricing will allow you land a better deal. I am sure you know of Craigslist classifieds, Locanto, OLX, Jumia and the likes, oh yes go on and list your rentals and add attractive descriptions.

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