How To Download Form UCDP 1 (Medical Form)

Download UCDP Form 1 driving permit medical formForm UCDP 1 is mandatory when one is making an application for driving permit in Uganda. For UCDP 1 which is also know as the Uganda computerized driving permit medical form can be downloaded free from the URA web portal.

This form is required to be attached on all other documents which are submitted to Face technologies during driving permit application process. Whether one is applying for a new permit, renewal of driving permit, extension or conversion (exchange) of driving permit and etc, this form is required.

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Information required on UCDP Form 1

  • Personal details of the applicant – These includes the applicants Surname, other names, date of birth, gender, permit number.
  • Application purpose – This is where one is supposed to specify what he or she is applying for e.g Renewal, New, Extension, Exchange, Duplicate, Learners, Book test, Conversion and etc.
  • Physical examination – This part is filled by the medical practitioner. It involved restrictions about the applicant, doctors remarks and all other details.
  • This form is also signed by the doctor and also by the applicant including phone number. Refer to when it applies to be filled by the doctor.

How to download UCDP 1 Medical Form

UCDP Medical form

Download the form and save it on your computer. Open the form using any PDF reader application on your computer and print it out.

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You can then fill in your names, date of birth, gender and permit number if any. Then submit the form to a doctor for an examination.

The UCDP Form 1 should be signed and stamped by the doctor especially for those who are processing a learners and a new full driving permit as its mandatory.

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  • Tavuga Timothy

    After filling the form and the medical Practitioner has signed, what do i do with the form next or where do i take it.?

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