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safeboda shop free delivery

Amidst the Covid 19 lockdown in Uganda, SafeBoda introduced the Shop feature in their App. The new feature is aimed easing the purchase of essential home products related to food items, groceries and beverages, and having them delivered to your house or apartment. Do you know what this means? As a person who loves trying …

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how much is a postage stamp now

Once again, there have been an increase in the cost of postage stamp 2020. If you have been used to the previous 2019 rates, it’s time to checkout these new rates and see the additional costs you will likely incurr everytime you want to send a package, mail and etc. The USPS annonced the new …

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NFL Jersey

Picking out the perfect NFL Jersey: You will be surprised how many fans look back on photos from a football occasion and feel regret about their outfit choice. After all, it’s so easy to pick a NFL jersey which doesn’t look perfect once you get it off the hanger. And then those photos will haunt …

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According to USPS product and tracking information, my Item arrived at USPS facility in JAMAICA, NY 11430 6 days back but still stuck at the facility now 12 days from the day I bought it off eBay. When I contacted the seller who sold to me the product, he responded by saying, “I happens from …

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