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tax return dates 2020

You can start filing taxes for 2020 as soon as you recieve either the W-2 form, tax or wage statement or the 1099 form from every employer you have worked for in 2019. Doing this will help you beat the tax year 2020 deadline submission date which is Wednesday, April 15. It is very important …

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Uganda address format

You can get a postal address in Uganda by renting it out from any of the Posta Uganda branches throughout the country. Posta Uganda address format is known as a P.O.Box containing the allocated mailing number. The service is provided by Posta which in the past used to be known as the UPTC. Posta Uganda …

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search for tin number

You can perform a URA Tin search easily and instantly in Uganda by using either of ways listed below. But of course, you will need to have either the tax payers phone number, full names, date of birth, email address, mothers maiden name or the email address. What you are required in order to search …

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How to get a court order in Uganda

You can get a court order and affidavit in Uganda by submitting in all required details to the Magistrates court of choice. There are a number of reasons which calls for such orders and declarations depending on the need for example when processing an absentee transfer of a Motor vehicle through Uganda revenue authority. When …

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