How To Change From URA Old 6 Digit Numbers To New Number Plates

How to re-register a vehicle in Uganda

How to re-register a URA vehicle in UgandaURA motor vehicle re-registration is the process which one undertakes in order to change from the old 6 digit registration number plates to the new  7 digit number type of plates. The process of obtaining the new 7 digit number requires one to undergo a series of steps right from applying to issuance.

In this post, I want to share with you how you can go about this whole process in order to secure the new 7 digit trending numbers for your motor vehicle in Uganda. Old type of plates for example UXW000, UDB000, 000UCC and etc can easily be switched to new ones like UBF000J but how?

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Pre-requirements for URA motor vehicle re-registration

In order to perform a motor vehicle re-registration, Uganda Revenue Authority requires interested parties to have fulfill all of the following below. Having the below means quick processing of the re-registration which upon approval one is issued with a new number. Below are the pre-requirements.

  • Applicant must be the legal owner of the vehicle
  • Vehicle must be fit for road use and in good running condition
  • An inspection (verification) must be done
  • Details on the car must match those in the car file

How to perform a Motor Vehicle Re-Registration

Follow the following below steps and procedures in order to perform a URA motor vehicle re-registration for issuance of new number plates from the old 6 digit numbers.

  • Take the car for physical examination and get an inspection report.
  • Log into your TIN number and make a new application by going to; Motor vehicle >> Applications >> New Application >> Re-registration. Fill in all details including old number, select details to attach e.g Application form, old registration plates, inspection report, car logbook and owner identification ID copies. Click register a payment, select bank of choice and click submit.
  • Print out all forms, pay the re-registration fees at the selected bank and fill your names on the form and sign.
  • Submit all selected documents t submit i.e the old registration plates and etc and submit to any of the Licensing counters inside HSO in Nakawa.

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Once you submit, it may take a few day for your application to be approved. In order to ensure that your transition application is approved, you must meet all of the requirements above and any other if any. This will help you stay on a sure deal of securing your MV new numbers which rocks.

But wait, in order to collect your numbers, you will need to pay the associated printing fees either at ABC or GM Tumpeco. Also you will be required to get a release form from the Supervisor licensing, take it for stamping at security office and then leave…

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