How Does Safeboda Uganda Make Money?

Safeboda riders

Safeboda ridersThe question of how exactly safeboda Uganda makes its money remains pumping and unanswered in my head. Apart from the riders whom we pay every time we take a rider, for example, I really wonder how the company owners make their money. On my safeboda app, I see no sponsored ads, not even anything else they sell, which leaves me asking how they manage to make it. Answer me please – Rido!

Re: How does safeboda Uganda make money?

Rido, as far as I know, Safeboda is a well-established company in Uganda offering a range of products. In addition to motorcycle taxis aka safeboda riders, they do food deliveries across a number of restaurants around Kampala, deliver essential products from the different stores like shell select, do package deliveries, and lots of others all from the same application.

Unlike the safeboda passenger riding where clients pay by cash or cashless (prepaid using mobile money), all of the other services are paid the cashless way. This means that you first pay in order to have a package delivered or even food.

This way to me helps the company earn a commission off each sale made, just like mobile money agents earn commission on airtime while customers get the full amount. Also, the company most likely makes money selling riding accessories including jackets, helmets, umbrellas, and loaning Boda Boda’s to their riders.

Previously, the company used to reward riders commission on every successful journey completed, which clearly indicates that in one way or another, there is a way the Safeboda Uganda company makes money since in no way you can pay without cashing in.

And for riders, the only way you can make money is by becoming a member. By becoming a member, you are ready to ride passengers, take client delivery orders including packages, food, etc and get paid. The whole idea is simple yet interesting as it turns you into a professional than a “lubyanza”.

Disclaimer: The above are author views, and in no way do they represent those of Safeboda company. You may consider contacting the company directly for a direct answer.

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