How Do I Get A TIN Number From URA To Transfer A Motorcycle?

how can i find my tin number from ura

how can i find my tin number from uraI need a TIN number from URA so that I can transfer my motorcycle to my names, please guide me. Here is my story – In April 2019, my boss contacted me for an offer of purchase for the company motorcycle. He asked me and all others who were interested to submit at their offer prices and so I did.

After the opening of the documents, I was announced as the winner, and I took my Bajaj boxer BM 100 home happily. A year later, they are asking me to perform a transfer to my names, a thing which requires me to first own a tax identification number. Please help me on how I can get one. James!

Re: How do I get a tin number from ura to transfer a motorcycle?

You can easily get a tax identification number to allow you to transfer your motorcycle once you apply for it. In Uganda, the URA takes on the entire process right from applying to the issuance and it all begins online. Just like how processing anything else, for example, registering a company requires submission of relevant supporting documents, the same applies to a Tax ID.

Before you obtain a TIN number, you must submit relevant documents including 2 photocopies of different identity cards ie, a national ID, passport, riding license, employee ID, appointment letter, etc, a working email address, a phone number, etc since they are mandatory.

Additionally, you will need a computer connected to the internet in order to download and upload the application forms and have Microsoft office excel program active for filling the downloaded application form. This is only possible on the computer than on a phone.

Once you are ready, follow the below instructions to get a tax identification number from ura so you can transfer your motorcycle.

URA tin registration for non-individual instructions

  • Visit “”
  • Scroll down and click “download online forms” under downloads.
  • Click “DT-1001” for “Tin individual registration”
  • Save “DT-1001” form on your computer and open it.
  • Enable “Macros” and fill in the entire form.
  • Click “validate” and generate “upload file”
  • Visit “” again
  • Click ‘individual registration” under register for taxes on e-Services
  • Select “new form”, browser the saved upload file, and click upload.

A registration acknowledgment notice will be issued and sent to your email address upon successful validation of the attached tin number registration upload file. You can now print hard copies of the filled DT-1001 form, attach all indicated support documents during form filling, and proceed to any Uganda Revenue Authority branch office to get your tax identification number.

Branch offices are located in Nateete, Bwaise, Nakawa, Makindye, Katwe and other parts across the country. Your issued tax identification number does not end at transferring the motorcycle. It can be used for any tax-related purposes including stamp duty payment, import, and export, motor vehicle registration, obtaining KCC trading license, income tax and etc.

But if you are a non-individual, for example, a company, business, organization, government parastatal, etc, then the process remains the same with a few changes and requirements. In order to get a company tin number from URA, you must download DT-1002 for non-individual form, attach copies of your articles and memorandum of association, certificate of registration, bank account (if requested) and the director’s personal Tax ID numbers.

Once it is issued, you can go on and create a URA account on their portal website. In situations where you had already registered for one but rather forgot it, you can easily find it by accessing the “my tin” page and submitting the required details. Best of all, the tax identification number is issued free of charge, if you do it yourself.


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