How Can I Get A Motorcycle Riding Permit In Uganda?

Motorcycle riding licence Uganda

Recently, I managed to secure a boda boda loan as a way to join the lucrative business. During my very first days on the road, a traffic officer intercepted me and she asked me to produce a driving permit. Without any additional word, I had my motorcycle towed to Natete police station from where I was fined. In order to prevent this from happening again, I have decided to obtain a motorcycle rider’s permit and therefore ask you to take me through the procedures. Henry (phone number removed).

Re: How can i get a motorcycle riding permit in Uganda?

Similar to obtaining a motor vehicle driving license, the process of getting a motorcycle riding permit in Uganda is very simple, provided you follow a set of instructions as you will find in this answer. Yes, without a valid riding permit, one is not allowed to ride on Ugandan roads since it is an offense. The right way is to process and obtain a class A motorcycle riding license, which guarantees you worth on the road whether you are a boda boda taxi driver or a personal rider.

In order to get a motorcycle riders license which is class A, you have to pay all required URA fees, undergo the riding test at the IOV center, be checked by the medical doctor, take a riding course to obtain a riding certificate from certified instructors, and also pay the permit fees at Kyambogo Face Technologies office, or their branches countrywide.

Instructions to get a motorcycle riding permit in Uganda

  • Register with an approved driving / riding school
  • Take your riding course fully and you will be issued with a riding certificate for class A category
  • Visit URA website and register for; a) Learners permit, b) test fees, c) download UCDP medical form.
  • Visit any bank of choice and make the registered payment.
  • Also take the UCDP medical form to the doctor for checkup, signing and stamping the form
  • Go to Face Technologies offices eg Kyambogo, present the learners permit payment reciept and the UCDP medical form.
  • You will be issued with a Learners driving permit (class A) upon payment of required fees (currently 30,000/=)
  • Go to the Inspectorate of vehicles (IOV), present the learners permit, the test fees and riding cerficate for testing
  • Visit URA website and register for; a) full permit (1/3 years) and pay it to the bank.
  • Attached another UCDP medical form, the full permit reciept, the learners permit with IOV stamp and submit to Face technologies.
  • Upon payment of full permit fees, you Computerised driving permit will be issued.

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