Freenom Explained! Register A Free Domain Name, Build A GoSite, Map To Blogger & Solve 0x08823 Error

freenom registerIn the world of starting websites, Freenom is one of the oldest free domain name providers where anyone can rush, and instantly choose a tLD of choice to use. Using the same service, one is able to either map the acquired domain name to a host of choice, forward it to another URL, and or build a GoSite.

Being an instant service, anyone is able to create that dream website, be for personal or business purposes. In fact, without zero fees, you are ready to launch a very powerful site, thus taking whatever your promote to the next level since we are currently living in a world of digital and technology where the internet matters most.

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In this post, you will cover everything you need to know about including but not limited to;

  • Registering your domain name choice
  • Forwarding your new URL to another page
  • Building a GoSite
  • Mapping to Blogger
  • Solving 0x08823 error

How to register a new domain name?

In order to register for a domain name, you first of all need to log into your a Freenom account. The whole regsitratipon process is pretty simple for those who have no accounts, and requires only a few minutes off your time. On your computer or smartphone with internet access, follow the below.

  • Visit
  • Click “Sign in” or “register account”
  • Under services, click “register a new domain name”
  • Enter “choice of keyword” and click “check availability”
  • Click “get it now” from the list of results
  • Click “checkout”
  • Choose options between forward, DNS and registration period
  • Continue and confirm entered information.

Your new freenom domain name will be registered and acknowledgement will be sent to your registered email address. You can the see all domains under service “my domains”.

Forwarding your new URL to another page

In order to forward any of your domain names, do the following.

  • Log into your account.
  • Select “my domains” under services
  • Next to that particular domain to forward, click “manage domain”
  • Click “URL forwarding” under “managament tools”
  • Enter “url you are forwarding to” in first box, and select mode ie mask

Click “set url” and you will be done. Within a few minutes, your forwarding should start working and visiting should be able to see the forwraded to URL each time they visit your link.

Building a GoSite

GoSite is a Freenom premium feature in case you want to use it on more of your domain names. The feature allows you to build your site without the need for hosting. Using a simple drag and drop method, GoSite allows you to have your ready site within a few minutes.

In order to use this feature, do the following below.

  • Log into your account.
  • Select “my domains” under services
  • Click “Upgrade” and wait for page to load
  • Select a “period” from the drop down menu and click “Order upgrade”
  • Click “GoSite” and wait for website builder tool to launch
  • Configure your site and add content.
  • Publish your site and that is all

This is only possible upon payment of the upgrade fees. Then you should be able to see the GoSite option listed under that particular domain name. You can find your subscriptions under “my subscriptions”.

Mapping freenom domain to Blogger

Mapping your registered domain name to Blogger is simple. Doing it means using the Blogger interface when it comes to adding content, choosing theme and etc. In brief, you will be using a custom blogger domain name which adds more functionalities to your site.

Follow the below to map your domain to Blogger

  • Log into Blogger
  • Go to the subdomain you want to use your custom domain
  • Click “settings” and “basic”.
  • Click “use third party URL”
  • Enter “” for example and save.
  • You will see an “error” with options including the two CNAMES.
  • Log into your account.
  • Select “my domains” under services
  • Next to that particular domain to map, click “manage domain”
  • Click “Manage DNS” Enter these 4 “A record” IP address “,,,” each seperately.
  • Also enter the 2 given “CNAMES” on your blogger settings.

Save and you will be done. Wait a few moments like an hour, go back to blogger and Click “Save”. You will nolonger see the error and mapping will be ready.

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Solving 0x08823 error

This 0x08823 is a freenom technical error. In order to solve it if you are experiencing it, you need to change your IP address to one which is whitelisted by Freenom. Many years back, all countries were allowed to use the dot tk’s free service.

But due to abuses which were recieved including bot registration, a security feature was added and also a limit on particular countries. To solve this is simple, simply create a new account using a different IP address. You can use a VPN, Proxy, etc to do this. Still can’t log in, here are freenom alternatives.

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