Review! Up To $10 Worth Of Free Bitcoin Daily reviewThis is a review of Freebiebitcoin, the site I was introduced to a few days back, joined and started using. If you are into GPT online money making, you may want to know if this site is a scam, or a legit one which indeed pays members up to $10 worth of free Bitcoin as a reward for doing a simple task.

About this website

Website name:
Domain registration date: 2016-01-06 according to
Payment mode: Automatic
Legit or scam: Read full review

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What is

Like you read the introductory paragraph, this is a website which “claims” to reward anyone who joins up to $10 worth of free bitcoin automatically, and directly to their bitcoin wallet. This means that for you want to earn some cash online more especially during these hard times, you might want to “try” it out and see your chances.

How to you earn?

Earning is very simple on Freebiebitcoin. All you need is to visit the website, create a wallet, or enter your already existing coinbase address, complete the 5 minute task, wait for task to be manually verified, and have your $5 sent automatically to your Coinbase wallet. Like you can see, it is all very easy and simple to get started. And besides, anyone can do it.

What if I don’t have a Coinbase wallet?

According to the site terms, they can only transfer your reward to Coinbasewallet. This means that if you have no such a wallet but rather use others, you can get one free and later transfer your money to your other wallet once you have recieved it.

Is scam or legit?

Sometimes, you have to personally try something out in order to reach a verdict or conclusion. Asof now, I am still doing the tasks and my completed tasks still pending manual verification. Once it has been a success, I will share back here so you know my conclusion with regard to whether it is a scam not to waste time on, or a legit worth your time and energy.

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  • What

    Since it has been 9 months since article was written and not updated with a success, it is a SCAM site. They are not giving away money. Just want the traffic revenue. Thus their business name being “Infinite Loop” Its just a circle jerk and waste of time.

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