Review! Is Legit or Scam? review reviewThis is a review of Forumcoin, one of the oldest get paid to forum I have stumbled upon, created an account with and sharing with you. If you are wondering whether this site is legit and indeed allows you to earn by providing products and services to member, writing articles and posting, or a scam site not worth to waste your time on, keep reading.

Website name:
Operating since: 2012-05-23
Earning options: Paid to posts, write articles and providing products and services to members
Payment per ad view: varies depending on task and where
Signup bonus: Not available
Payment processors: PayPal, Amazon gift card, Domain names etc
Payment time: Within a few hours
Legit or Scam: Read full review to find out

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What is

This is a paid to forum which allows you to earn more money by providing products and services to member, writing articles and posting. As a member, you also earn from your referrals signup nd once in a while for example during referral contests

Ways to earn from earnings


  • You get paid to post forums
  • Paid to write articles
  • Paid to provide products and services
  • Paid to win contests
  • Paid to refer.

Like I mentioned above, the above are the ways you can earn when you become a member of this website. The more of the above you engage in, the higher your chances of earning.

How do you get paid from payments

  • PayPal
  • Amazon gift card
  • Domain names etc offers up to 5+ forms of payments to their members. They claim to pay you depending on the choice of your payment processor and demand. Any of the above you chose will allow you to receive your payments.

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Is Legit or scam? is a legitimate site. I have not only earned and received my payments once but a number of times. I have payment proofs for that. I highly recommend it fit to join by anyone who wants to earn an extra cash doing simple tasks online. Here is the link to join.

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