Ezzocard.com Review! Is Legit or Scam?

Ezzocard.com ReviewThis is a review of Ezzocard, one of the 2016 registered Visa and MasterCard prepaid credit card online-shop I have stumbled upon, made an order with and sharing with you. If you are wondering whether this site is legit and indeed a premium fully automated service with immediate delivery., or a scam site not worth to waste your time on, keep reading.

Website name: Ezzocard.com
Domain registration date: 2016-04-22
Services provided: Virtual prepaid cards
Starter price: $12.99 for a $5 USD card
Payment: Web Money, Dash, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money
Legit or Scam: Read full review to find out

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What is Ezzocard.com?

This is a Visa and MasterCard prepaid credit card online-shop which “claims” to be a premium fully automated service offering virtual prepaid cards with immediate delivery for international use. Ezzocard requires interested parties to visit their site in order to process the card.

How are Ezzocards useful?

Ezzocard.com virtual credit cards can be used to;

  • Verify PayPal account
  • Shop on the different sites like eBay
  • Make payment for goods and services
  • Send payments e.g donations.

Like I mentioned above, those are some of the ways you can use Ezzo card once you have purchased the card. Once you make the payment, you will get information about card number, expiration date and CVV2 which info you can use when making any transaction online.

How do you pay for the card?

  • Web Money
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Perfect Money

Ezzocard.com currently accepts the above forms of payment from people who want to buy the cards. Some of their payment options are manually processed while others are automatic.

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How to order for Ezzocard?

  • Visit their website
  • Add to cart your choice.
  • Click Buy now
  • Enter your email address and click Pay now

Is Ezzocard.com Legit or scam?

As far as I know, Ezzocard is legit. However, they have some drawbacks where some people buy and they take long to get their cards. When you check on some forums like Bitcointalk, you will realize what some have to say.

2 thoughts on “Ezzocard.com Review! Is Legit or Scam?

  • Dan

    I ordered a Visa Blue Prepaid card 300$
    I received my card, but the website i wanted to use declined the card.
    I think it would work on big website but mine was specific.
    The Support Chat is 10/10
    and they refunded my money in 3 days.

  • John

    This a clever SCAM. There is a reason they charge so much for the card, and a reason the “refund policy” states that they only refund the “face value” of the card. They know in advance that the cards don’t work to open a paypal account and that the cards are unusable for any merchant even if you register the card on their site with a U.S. address. They depend on the fact that you are going to want a refund when it doesn’t work. So if you were to purchase a $100 USD card for instance, you would send them $130 USD via bitcoin. When it doesn’t work, you will complain and they will give you all sorts of excuses to pretend that they don’t know it doesn’t work. Eventually you will not want to deal with it and accept the refund of $95, thereby allowing them to keep the $35 they intended to keep all along. Avoid this site. It is a SCAM.

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