Can I Watch Free Gotv Channels Without Subscription?

how to unlock tv channels for free

how to unlock tv channels for freeYes! It is possible to watch free GoTv channels without subscription on your decoder box set. However, in order for you to do so, certain procedures have to be followed, in addition to meeting the requirements. If you you were looking for an answer on how to enjoy premium channels for free, read on.

While GoTv is a premium subscription service which allows you to watch the different paid for television channels including movies, films, series, sports, etc, fact is that several ways exist when it comes to full access at no cost. I have personally tried some of these ways as shared below, and proven them worth. Also you can try and see if they work for you.

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Ways to watch free gotv channels

  • FTA decoder
  • Turning paid decoder into FTA
  • Offer giveaway

FTA decoder

FTA decoders aka free-to-air gives one life freedom to access all available channels. Payable once and forever, many of these digital top box sets feature the same channels like the paid ones. For example, you can watch KTV, Bukedde, Moon, and many local and international stations. If you didn’t know, this should be your simple “hack” as it grants you total freedom.

Turning paid decoder into FTA

With several ways existing and new ones emerging daily, turning your paid decoder into FTA has continued to become easier. This post I wrote on how to how change paid tv decoder into fta covershow you can do this, the tools to use and how exactly to go about it. Take your time, go through it and learn how it all works.

Offer giveaways

Sometime back, I saw an advert of a GoTv promotion running on. The advert mentioned how a customer would be given up to 2 free months of subscription when you renewed the current bouquet. Do you know what this means? Free access for 60 days at zero price. This and many other offers keep taking place where taking advantage of them means 100% free watching.

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The uncomfirmed way

Rumours and many articles take of removing the “security padlock” and thus allowing you to enjoy the locked for zero. Also are a number of “tweaks”, “hacks” and etc which I am not well conversant with well as you can use Mr. Google to search for more info. On those tutorials, it is shown that you can be in position to watch scrambled channels.

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