AfriSight Review! Is This Premier Africa Survey Co. Legit?

AfriSight survey reviewI stumbled upon an AfriSight survey advert on a certain website I had visited. The advert introduced AfriSight as a “premier Africa-focused data collection company with communities all over Africa”. Oh yes, being from Africa, I was like wow, finally I have found it.

Without searching for reviews and also reading what others had written about this company, off I visited the link, created an account and answered the welcome survey in hope of getting access to thousand of waiting surveys to be completed. I was wrong, I didn’t find my expectations.

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A few days later,  I accessed the afrisight login, entered the site and still, the “No survey available at this moment” message is what I saw. Weeks later, the same stuff is happening and there isn’t any surveys for me to complete.

Oh yes, that is why I ended up writing this review so I could share with you all who were wondering  whether is afrisight legit.

As far I as know, the “No survey available at this moment” is common for sites like swagbucks, paidviewpoint, mobrog, geopoll, surveysavvy and etc why? Those sites are limited to a few African countries thus with little or no surveys to those from such countries.

How afrisight works?

Dear AfriSight Member,
We’re conducting a survey and your input would be appreciated. The survey takes approximately 9 minutes and if you successfully complete it, your account will be credited with USD 1.10.
Click the button below to start the survey. Thank you for your participation!

Just like any other survey sites you may have known prior to AfriSight, creating an account, verifying email address, updating your profile and accessing available surveys. The same is how exactly AfriSigt works.

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Is there an afrisight app?

While there are very many apk for surveys in Google play, when I signed with “AfriSight” rewards company, I didn’t see anything like an app link like it happens with other rewards programs e.g. paidviewpoint. There seem to be no official app for this premier Africa-focused data collection rewards company.

How to withdraw from Afrisight?

I have not added any payment processing in my AfriSight survey account. It is not because I didn’t want, but rather, because there is no such an option. In order to withdraw money, you must first do surveys and earn. Als, you need a payment account added. Therefore, I don’t know how you can withdraw the earned money since I saw no option for it.

How often do you get surveys to complete?

AfriSight survey email

Let me be honest on this. Ever since I joined, I only got one email about shopping. Even though I completed the survey, I didn’t see any payment credited to my account. I think it can take you months to get a survey to complete.

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Is Afrisight legit or Scam?

Like I said above, I completed the survey which I received via email and its a week now with no earnings credited to my account. Also, there is option to add a payment processor e.g. PayPal, Payoneer, etc. The above make me wonder whether it is scam or legit, of which I am yet to find out and share.

May be I am from Uganda and not Nigeria, Ghana or etc. I am still searching for anyone who has been paid by this company so I can at least know they pay. For now, I am still waiting until I earn, attempt to withdraw and confirm if I am paid. Then, I will share back here. For trying, visit their website.

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