5 Reasons Seeking Legal Advice is Important for Mothers


When you think about motherhood, consider what legal advice can do for you. Mothers should seek legal advice for a host of reasons, so check out some of the major benefits of having support from a lawyer on your side.

1. When the Relationship is On Shaky Ground

Being a mom is a full-time job, so many moms become “household engineers” while their partner works outside the home. What happens if the relationship falls apart? What legal rights does mom have to the assets that were built while she managed the home front while her partner earned an income? Mothers often lose out in these situations without the right legal advice.

No one likes to think that their marriage will end in divorce, but it happens 40%-50% of the time. Knowing where you stand is essential when the relationship is not doing well. Understanding what your future will look like and what protection is available is important. For example, if you and your partner split up what effects who get the kids, or if you are one of the 306,197 people that took advantage of artificial reproductive technology, according to the CDC, who would get the existing fertilized eggs in storage? Sounds crazy that people fight over the custody of fertilized eggs but they do. Legal advice can help give you answers.

2. Getting Your Affairs In Order

Lawyers can help mothers to decide about health care powers of attorney, wills, estate planning, and more. If you have dependent children, it is important that these documents are in place to protect your children should something happen to you. What would happen if you became disabled? About 1.3 million adults in America over the age of 40 are legally blind from a degenerative condition, according to the AOA. What if something like that has happened to you? Would you be ready for it?

About 60% of people experience serious heel pain according to Today’s Podiatrist, which keeps them from performing their daily activities. Disability insurance and other options can help to offset some problems. A lawyer can help you make the right choices. Ensuring that you have the right documents in place to protect your family is very important. A lawyer can manage that for you.

3. Signing Contracts

Getting legal advice before you sign any type of contract is imperative. Mothers that blindly sign documents or leave the review up to their partners are not making the best decision. You should always have a lawyer review contracts and other legally binding agreements before you sign them.

4. Criminal Charges No Matter How Simple

Mothers get into tight spots with the law just like anyone else can. Before you decide about pleading guilty to any charge, you should always contact an attorney for legal advice. A guilty plea can be very costly and unavoidable most times if you have the right attorney on your side. Don’t make legal decisions in any legal matter without the advice of an attorney.

5. Personal Injuries

It is important that you do not manage a personal injury claim on your own. Moms have a lot on their plate, and trying to squeeze in dealing with an insurance company, can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Dealing with a personal injury matter on your own can add far too much stress to your life. You deserve the time to heal and focus on getting yourself back together. You have kids to take care of, so let the lawyer deal with the claim.

There are many reasons a mother would need to speak to a lawyer. If you feel you need legal advice for any reason, get the help you need today.