5 Common Situations Where You Need a Lawyer


Some life situations happen, and the only best move you can make is to seek legal advice from professionals. These situations may vary. Some can be serious, like accidents, while others may be mild, like divorce. There are several lawyers, including bankruptcy lawyers, employment lawyers, and more, so you must choose a lawyer that relates to your case. In situations where you require a legal dispute, you may not wish to risk doing it alone without the assistance of a lawyer who can help you win a lawsuit. Below is a list of the everyday situations where you may need a lawyer.

Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are traumatizing as they can leave severe damage that can alter your life permanently. In 2015, there were approximately 750,000 hit-and-run accidents, which was 11.7% of the total recorded accidents in that year. Accidents occur naturally or can be caused by human negligence on the road. You may require compensation when your vehicle is involved in a car accident and incurs severe damage if the fault was the other party’s. If negotiations with the other party fail, you should hire an experienced lawyer who can give you legal advice on how to file a lawsuit for you to be reimbursed.


Generally, the period in which a married couple is likely to divorce is usually either during the first two years of marriage or during the fifth to a little over eight years. While some marriages end in peace and understanding, others end in court following legal proceedings for the couple to divide their assets equally. It would be best to find a professional, experienced lawyer to represent you to ensure your rights are not misused. You don’t wish to have all your assets and properties going with your partner in such a challenging situation. A lawyer ensures everything proceeds fairly and protects your best interests at any cost.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes you may lose a family member or a friend in the hospital due to medical malpractice caused by the health practitioner’s negligence. It hurts the most when you realize there could be a preventable measure, but a doctor ignored it. You can pursue a lawsuit against the doctor and the entire medical center for you to get justice. An effective lawyer is needed in this sensitive situation where they can represent you in court to hold the medical practitioners accountable. There are other personal injury cases like slip and falls in rental properties and many others where you may require to be financially reimbursed. Four to five percent of the personal injury lawsuits in the U.S go to trial. A lawyer is essential to help you win your lawsuit by protecting your rights.

Child Custody

After a divorce, you may decide to push through a lawsuit for child custody. The divorce lawyers may not assist you as they specialize in divorce. A child custody lawyer is a perfect choice for you in this situation where they help with child support, visitation rights, and custody. They allow you to gather evidence that makes sense to the state children’s custody laws. The children’s best interests should be protected as you may not wish to make them go through depression at a young age. In this challenging and emotional situation, a lawyer can assist in fighting for the right life choices for your kids.

Purchasing a Home

For most people, purchasing their dream home is the most significant lifetime investment. Thus, a lawyer who is experienced and specializes in real estate is required to represent you. Despite having real estate agents, lawyers know the real estate laws, making it easy to purchase the right home. You may be offered several contracts that contradict your thinking, and a lawyer is needed in this situation. The lawyer ensures the contract is authentic before you sign, reviews all the requirements, and ensures nothing crucial is omitted or costly.

The odds are that most of you will find yourselves in several situations like the ones mentioned above. Knowing when to include your lawyer in some instances can enable you to avoid expensive and emotionally taxing incidences. There are various legal options available for every person at their price point, and with knowledge, you can afford the legal assistance you deserve.