3 Types of Live Acts That Celebrate Cultural Diversity


Whether you’re looking to book a performer for your event or just browsing to see what kind of acts celebrate diversity, you’ve come to the right place. A live performance can spruce up any party and helps your guests feel more engaged with the whole event.

Funny Folks

Comedians are a great way to understand different cultures. What makes some of the funniest comedians is their takes on views regarding their culture, views their culture has on the modern world, and what shaped these cultures into what they are. Everyone comes from a different place to end up where they are now. 

With all of the injustice in the world, it’s amazing to witness these brave performers stand up in front of others and stick up for their cultures or express their dissatisfaction with stereotypes. It’s a unique way of learning about someone’s different background without feeling awkward.

Not only is it important to understand the differences in what humans go through, but also the similarities. We are all humans on this Earth trying to figure it out and although it may be frustrating and scary, it’s great when we can laugh at what we collectively feel. We’ve all learned a thing or two from a comedian.

Traditional Practices

We love learning about different traditions across the world. In Bali, they make intricate woven baskets with bits of flowers, incense, and scraps of food that often are picked at by wild animals. Although this tradition is based on the Hindu religion, it is mostly that of an offering to the Gods for peace and balance in the world.

In America, it’s important to understand the Natives and their tribes that have existed on these lands for thousands of years. There have been so many atrocities committed against them and the best way we can move forward is to celebrate their history and create awareness. You can share their stories by bringing in some of the best performers with Native roots.

Many musicians of Native American background create songs around the stories of their people. One of the best ways to retain knowledge is through song and these performers share what it means to be a part of their culture.

Dancing Rituals

From the Hawaiian hula to celebrating Mama Negra in Ecuador, dancing has long been a way that we express ourselves and what we believe in. Finding dancers for hire in your area is as easy as a simple internet search. Many of these professionals have curated a special act to represent their culture and identities. 

In Ireland, the Irish Ceili has been around since the 1500s and is performed in traditional Irish music. The salsa, something we are all familiar with, originated in Cuba in the 1920s and continues to be one of the most popular forms of traditional dancing in the world. Dancing is a great choice for your event as it will get your guests off their feet and grooving along with them.

These options are only a small amount of what you can do to celebrate diversity. So many professionals have taken their background and created a performance to celebrate themselves and their people. Your guests will be wildly entertained and will learn something from the experience as well.