How to search for TIN number (Several ways)

Let me help you learn how to search for an Individual or Non-Individual TIN number in Uganda. If by any chance you have always wondered how you could get to know the above, there are several ways you can use to search and find the tin number(s) you are looking for.

Since there are several ways you can use, I will share each way and its how it works so you can also try them one by one. See below for how you can do it yourself.

Using URA official Smartphone app (AskURA).

  • Download AskURA app from Google play store.
  • Install it on your mobile (Android OS)
  • Tap Tax payer details
  • Enter phone number.
  • Tap search and wait

Using Forgot TIN on URA web portal

  • Open web portal
  • Click MyTin
  • Enter DOB, Phone number, mothers Maiden name and email.
  • Hit submit and wait

Using Search Tax Payers while logged in active TIN

  • Log into any TIN which is active
  • Scroll to search tax payers
  • Input choice of option eg Trade name or Name
  • Select type eg Individual or Non individual
  • Click search and wait for results

Using any of the three options shared above, you are able to search and find the particular tax identification number you are searching for.

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